December 1, 2023

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The 'Side Jobs' generation: Bram (27), Sophie (31), and Ann Charlotte (25) talk about why they're combining two jobs |  Nina

The ‘Side Jobs’ generation: Bram (27), Sophie (31), and Ann Charlotte (25) talk about why they’re combining two jobs | Nina

The era of “side jobs” has come. When one relates to a passionate project, the other undertakes it out of financial necessity. In any case, additional work appears to be on the rise. It’s no surprise now that life is only getting more expensive. Bram, 27, Sophie, 31, and Ann Charlotte, 25, also chose a second job. “I can’t have a single stable income. I had to find something so as not to go into debt.”

“I worked for a large real estate agency. The pandemic caused layoffs, so I decided to become an independent real estate agent. Getting started on independence remains an uncertain existence. The main reason to look for a side job.” My income is variable and there are a lot of fixed costs each month, so I had to find something to avoid getting into debt.” Plus, Bram bought a house on his own. “I couldn’t get a single stable income. Without a side job, I wouldn’t be able to repay a loan and therefore no home. So I had to find a solution,” he admits.


I also thought about starting over as an employee or even working in a supermarket. But that wouldn’t make me happy.


Found this when setting up EPC certificates. “I went on further training for this and took an exam. I also thought about starting as an employee again or even working in a supermarket. But that wouldn’t make me happy. This also relates better to the work I already do. I don’t see myself doing certification for years. My priority is And my passion lies in my main profession.”

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“There are days when I don’t know where to start first, but there are also quieter days. I always work on Saturdays.” However, Bram’s workload isn’t too bad. “I can arrange my work by myself, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. By being independent, I don’t feel like I’m stuck in one job from 9am to 5pm, only to start working part-time after 5pm..” And what about finances? “Right now it’s going well, but at the end of the month there will still be a little bit of thought and calculation.”

Brad is certainly not alone. According to a new report from financial services firm Deloitte, 39 percent of millennials, people between the ages of 25 and 41, have an additional job. The report among UK employees indicates that this generation is very concerned about their (financial) future. In addition, they also run the risk of exhaustion, because they keep a lot of balls in the air. And this trend is happening with us, too. According to Statbel, about 113,000 people aged 18-40 work part-time in our country. This represents 5.1 percent of all workers in that age group.

“I’m on the second close,” Sophie began. I was working in a clothing store at the time and we were home for four weeks. I couldn’t stand it and started tinkering.’ This is how the Twisted Candles were made, which soon turned out to be a bull’s-eye. I posted a few pictures on Instagram, with no intention of selling the candles at all. But there was a reaction. And so the ball started to roll quickly.”

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Sophie explains that it went faster than expected. “At first, it causes you a great deal of stress, because things went really fast during the Christmas period. Then I worked every day after office hours, even during the night, and that included crying now and then. Although I didn’t mind that Hard work: Doing another work in the evening and learning new things gave me courage. Because after eight years I began to find my job as a saleswoman boring, with few challenges.”


I would also run without the side function, but I don’t want to do without it anymore. I now have space to save and that was never possible before.


So the main reason for the Passion Project was to have something to do during Corona. “But the extra money is also a nice bonus. I would also run without the side job, but I don’t want to take it off anymore. I now have room to save and that wasn’t possible at all before. So now I’m counting on that extra 100. I also have side jobs.” Others. For example, I’ve been a makeup artist for a long time and work as a photographer twice a month. Sit quietly? Better not.”

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Ann Charlotte has just completed her second year as a full-time private elementary teacher. A challenging job, but one that is also active in the hospitality industry. “I started it last summer. I love building a piggy bank. I’m still living in the house at the moment, but I’d like to have something to go back to if I’m going to leave in a few years. Now that homes are so expensive, I think that’s even more importance than ever. I also have the luxury of being able to save, because no money goes to groceries or rent yet.”


I drive after school and when I get home, I go to bed for a new lesson the next day.

Anne Charlotte

She also thinks it can be hard sometimes. “During the week I work twice after normal hours: from five to ten in the evening. I drive after school and when I get home, I go to bed for a new lesson the next day. In the first semester, I take a little hay on my fork, Because I was still fully charged from the summer. But at the start of the second semester, you feel like this combination is going to be really tough, so I cut it down a bit.”

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The advantage of this switch: extra time and more peace of mind. defect? “This takes getting used to: Suddenly seeing less money appear in your account. You quickly get used to that extra. During summer vacation I see myself doing catering business for a long time. I think it is a fun activity and I always look at it very positively. Doing nothing in summer is not For me “.

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