February 5, 2023

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"The Sinner": On an island with one of the most powerful detectives in TV history

“The Sinner”: On an island with one of the most powerful detectives in TV history

After four seasons, we have to say goodbye to Harry Ambrose and with her actor Bill Pullman, who made him an unforgettable flawed detective. Maybe he’s at his best in the last season of cometWhen he officially retires and leaves with the woman he met in season three to an island to lick his wounds.

Season 4 takes place on a fictional island (Hanover Island) off the Art of Maine, in the northeastern United States. The fate of the islanders is mainly related to the fishing of lobsters. The shooting took place in Nova Scotia, Canada. While his new girlfriend wants to be inspired by the beautiful light on the island, Ambrose walks into the island’s dark heart.

Pullman gradually grew into his role, a man with many scars but only a few steps away from the dark shadow of depression that constantly haunts him. Maybe that’s why sitting on an island wasn’t a good idea.

comet Started in 2017 as a miniseries based on the Petra Hemsphere novel of the same name, Ambrose attempts to uncover a bewildering murder and stumbles upon a deeper evil. Ambrose’s character was a direct hit, resulting in a three-season follow-up revolving around a man fighting for truth while battling his demons. After a somewhat baroque third season, Ambrose is making a comeback in what has been billed as the farewell season.

In the season three finale, Ambrose appears to be retiring permanently, but his visit to Hanover Island causes him to be dragged into a new issue. It begins on the beach when he meets a grieving young Percy Muldoon, a beautiful role for Alice Kremmelberg. The first episode ends when Ambrose thinks he’s seeing the young woman jump to death.

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As a witness, Ambrose is immediately involved in the case, especially when the local police officer discovers he has a detective of stature on his island. Ambrose soon stumbles into a feud between two lobster-hunting families. mestizo, with the oldest rights; The newcomers, the family of a Korean immigrant Lam.

This feud is only the first layer of the story, as there is – of course – a lot going on on the island. Part of the story is told in flashbacks until we slowly discover the modern history of the island and the role of the Muldoons in it. The more Ambrose knows about Percy, the more he realizes that he feels a deep mating of soul, and the more drawn to that last moment in her life.

The fourth season of comet He manages to impress in the exciting graphic of the island community, but is above all proof that Ambrose is one of the most powerful investigators in the history of television.

The Sinner is available on Netflix.