November 29, 2022

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"The song contest will be able to continue next year in a new and peaceful Ukraine"

“The song contest will be able to continue next year in a new and peaceful Ukraine”

At the press conference after winning with his band Kaloosh Orchestra at the Eurovision Song Contest, rapper Ole Bisik (27) took the floor. “Like any Ukrainian, we are convinced that we will continue to fight to the end.”

Never before has a country won as many televised votes as Ukraine this year: 439 of the 468 points available, or more than 11 (out of 12) points per country. So Psyuk openly thanked all viewers back home, just like “All Ukrainians are in exile” and “Poland, a country that helped Ukraine in many ways,” including by taking in refugees. “This victory is very important for Ukraine, especially this year. Glory to Ukraine

At the end of his performance in the final, Psyuk called on viewers to help Ukraine, the besieged city of Mariupol, and especially the soldiers trapped in the Azov Steel Plant. Our people were killed in Azov by a thousand others (Russians, editor) “We need help to free them,” he explained during the press conference. He called on the journalists present to “Please ask your governments to do something for them.”

The question of whether the victory of the Kalush orchestra was primarily due to the state of war in his homeland or to the qualities of the song “Stefania”, Psyuk eludes somewhat. Stefania was already among the top five bookmakers before the war broke out. It has been played in many countries for a while now.

The song is an ode to his mother Stefania, who had to follow the show from Ukraine. She told her son via text message after the final that she was “happy and proud”. President Zelensky has yet to get Psiuk on the phone. “He’s too busy with other important things.”

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Members of the Kalush Orchestra are in Turin because the Ukrainian government has made an exception for them, as men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country because they must be available to fight. “Our temporary permit to be here will expire in two days,” Bisuk said. Then we will return to Ukraine. May 16 is my birthday (Psiuk is 28, editor)So I want to see my mother and my girlfriend. Will we then join the fight in the war? I don’t know yet. But like any Ukrainian, we are convinced that we will continue to fight to the end.

The road to victory in Turin was “an exhausting”, according to Psiuk. For a long time we had nowhere to rehearse, everything happened online. Only since we were in Turin have we been able to train together. We worked hard because we understood the responsibility we have towards Ukraine. Attempts have been made to attack Ukrainian culture and music, but we are here to show that it is alive and kicking.”

The main question remains, of course, where the Eurovision Song Contest will take place next year. Can the song contest be won in Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine as long as the war continues? According to the head of the Ukrainian delegation, it is still too early to make a statement on this topic. However, rapper Psyuk is fully convinced: “The Eurovision Song Contest will be able to continue next year in the new and peaceful Ukraine.”

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