December 6, 2023

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The Spanish press witnessed the collapse of Antwerp in Barcelona: “What the Belgians showed was a mirage” |  Champions League

The Spanish press witnessed the collapse of Antwerp in Barcelona: “What the Belgians showed was a mirage” | Champions League

Blaugrana fans will be pleased to pick up their sports newspaper from the newsstands on Wednesday morning.

All major newspapers praised the performance of the defending Spanish champion. “This team can dream big,” the Catalan team seems convinced sports.

Joao Felix – called by some the “Angel of Football”, by others “pure art” – is seen everywhere as a superstar. Ilkay Gundogan also joins in the praise.

There is not much positive to read about Antwerp’s performance. Even Barcelona’s target, Arthur Vermeeren, who was a small bright spot in the opening phase, didn’t get an honorable mention anywhere in the match report.

“Antwerp announced itself at the Olympic Stadium as a competent team,” he writes Mundo Deportivo in road. “They didn’t even stop the bus, and Van Bommel’s team even elicited some ‘Olé’ from the thousands of visiting fans. They were having fun in the city, no doubt, but as far as football is concerned… then the fun lasted barely 10 minutes.” “.

“Antwerp wanted to, but couldn’t,” the Catalan newspaper continues. “The Flemings don’t have Barcelona’s quality or Felix factor.”

Real House newspaper Marka Barcelona’s underdog triumph puts it in the corner on its front page and focuses mainly on the unprecedented series with the women’s national team.

There are a few sentences about Antwerp in the match report. The newspaper estimates the Belgians as “a mid-ranking team in La Liga”.

“They were only on point for a few minutes, in the opening phase. But what Antwerp showed then was nothing more than a mirage. After the first goal, they completely collapsed and gathered around their goalkeeper to ensure that defeat would not happen. It became a scandal.”

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Also a widely read quality newspaper El Pais Allocate An entire paragraph of the great old man.

“Antwerp opened comfortably and with praise, ready to challenge Barcelona in terms of possession. They rushed from one side of the pitch to the other to give something back to their eager fans. However, the newcomer’s enthusiasm only lasted 10 minutes.” Joao Felix – The Bright Spot Great – put an end to it.”

“After that, Van Bommel’s team no longer knew whether to defend or attack, as they were overwhelmed by the arrangement and then also by the circle directed by Xavi.”