January 20, 2022

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The Stadskanaal Photography Club moves from the wedding salon to the center of the neighbourhood. “Is the movie strategy full of me yet?”

Ineke Pals and Johan Slagers from Fotoclub Stadskanaal. Photo: Rey Stryken

They met on the red carpet at the beginning of October last year. Both tried to beautifully depict the autumn sunset. They had to talk, compare their cameras, and exchange contact details. Together they founded Fotoclub Stadskanaal.

Ineke Pals and Johan Slagers want to develop their hobby, photography. Your reporter asks how the sunset photos turned out.

Colleagues: “They didn’t work that evening because there was no beautiful sunset.”

optical zoom

I get dizzy when terms like “70/200 lens, optical zoom and full frame” fly across the table. I ask how it happened.

Colleagues: „Klaas and I have always walked a lot. But last year, during the first shutdown, it was more than that. What else should you do? Yes, and somehow I looked at things differently and started taking pictures. I bought some cheap stuff from Marktplaats, to start with. But now I’m fascinated by it and want to keep getting better. Johan wants that too. Hence our call to create a photo club. We already had space: It worked really well in my wedding dress store.”

Buurtcentrum De Heidedop

The reactions far exceeded their wildest expectations. The space in the bridal shop was very small. They were welcomed into the De Heidedop Community Centre, where they responded enthusiastically. In principle, members meet every first and third Thursday of the month.

Just like Ineke Pals, Johan Slagers also wants to keep learning.

Butchers: “We were with nine children, seven boys and two girls. All my brothers shot except for two. Ten years ago a brother died and I got his camera and accessories.

Then I began to work on it intensively. I gradually specialized in macro photography. a look.”

Enorme spin

To illustrate, your reporter is surprisingly presented with an image of a huge spider on his mobile phone and a “gatver!” Do not suppress. I correct myself immediately and commend Slagers. it’s a very beautiful picture.

The butchers: „We want to organize themed evenings and activities at the Photo Club. For example, if we take the topic “Spring”, then we compare and evaluate each other’s photos, exchange tips and advice. As an activity, we can take pictures together on location, or try photographing smoke and water at the meeting. ”

Annick Palz doesn’t have any majors yet, she loves everything. “It’s about learning something and making new contacts with people, which is fun. A lady from Onstwedde prefers not to walk alone. There are bound to be members of the club she can go out with. With cameras.

The perfect picture

I also post pictures on Instagram. As a Photoshooter 2021. I am amazed at the feedback. Sometimes I think pictures are real works of art, while most people don’t like them, or vice versa. Because of Corona, people started taking pictures en masse. A program like “Perfect Picture” has also contributed to its popularity.

Three kilograms of camera around the neck

Butchers: “You have to be careful not to get too much. A few years ago I was walking around with three kilos of cameras around my neck. That was a reason for me to buy a lighter camera.”

Colleagues: “I keep it a bit simple. Sometimes my husband has to wait a little bit more while walking, when I see a nice scene again. But if I don’t do it often, he won’t mind. And we always have fun anyway. For example, if he asks Gentleman, often somewhat older: is this role in the picture filled with me yet?”

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