February 1, 2023

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The Starlings were disappointed after Eurosong: “We hardly talked about our performance, our voices, our music. I felt a little disrespected.”


It is Gustav who will attend the Eurovision Song Contest for our country, not for our country starlings;, which was nevertheless popular with the public. He only earned one point during Eurosong. So Tom and Kato are disappointed and share this frustration on social media. “It feels a little disrespectful.”

Thank you so much for voting for us in droves. 1 in 4 people have yesterday for roller coaster Vote that’s crazy. (Part of) the 15-member jury had a different idea. So we are very disappointed. Our performance, our voices and our music are rarely talked about,” Tom Dice wrote in an Instagram post. “It felt like disrespect for the work that has been done in this area. We ask ourselves a lot of questions. Whether we’ll get an honest answer from these people, I doubt. I don’t feel well.”

“If it depends on you, go ahead roller coaster From today every day on every music channel and every streaming playlist in Flanders that’s a great consolation. You are the sweetest people and we’d rather be close to you.”

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Kato Kalibo was clearly disappointed. “roller coaster, which has now also become clear. Jury was clearly not friendly to us, just gave us all the love. Thank you all for every vote and every message. proud of us There are still great things to come, that’s for sure.”

Both indicate that they will unconditionally support Gustav when he defends our country at Liverpool. “Congratulations to Gustav, nothing but love. And he will no doubt do it madly at Liverpool,” Cato wrote.

“Gustav, you deserve this and I love you! You are a great man and after being under or behind the stage twice, you may now be full in the spotlight. I will traditionally cheer you on in my ‘me and my guitar’ suit and be proud. You have worked so hard”

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Loredana was also disappointed in the Saturday night result. She received the fewest points from the jury, and thus ended up in sixth, and therefore penultimate. “We worked really hard on it,” her fiancé, Pat Crimson, said Sunday morning. “Of course the disappointment is great. We may have hoped, but we didn’t really expect to win. I was expecting more respect from the jury. When I see how Loredana sang and how well her act is put together, I think it’s totally unjustified. This hits hard.”

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