June 5, 2023

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The Stedelijk Museum is open again from today after months of closure | Brida today

via: Brigitte Cobb


Breda – After being closed for more than half a year, the Stedelijk Museum Breda has reopened its doors today. In recent months, the museum’s rooms have been fitted with new floors. The permanent display has also been redesigned. With exhibitions about Bredase Nassaus and Breda in the nineteenth century, the museum also focuses explicitly on a wider audience with a special focus on families.

In 2017, the Stedelijk Museum Breda settled on the Boschstraat, right where the De Beyerd Museum, the Graphic Museum and the Moti used to be. Due to the poor condition of the floors, the museum had to close its doors for a longer period. Renovating the floors was such a major project that approximately 1,200 square meters had to be cleared to repair the damage and level the floors.

But it’s not just the floors of the reopened museum that make a difference. The big change is the renovation of the museum. Because at the same time as the new decks, there is also a brand new permanent presentation. The space that used to house the museum shop and café has been rearranged to provide more seating. The patio has been given the feel of an inner courtyard with a balcony. The accessible space will remain free for collaborative projects.

New permanent exhibition
The new permanent exhibition is “De Nassaus van Breda – Castle, city and country”. In it, visitors travel through time and learn all about the important history of Breda and how this story is intimately connected to the House of (Orange) Nassau. The exhibition shows that the influence of this interesting history continues to this day.

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This new permanent display is geared towards all ages. In collaboration with Studio Louter, OPERA Designers, and city-based partners, the museum creates an accessible and engaging experience for young and old. “There is a family trail that runs through the Nassau site. On the basis of tasks, surprising facts and stimulating questions, children become wiser in a playful way. Special interactive installations further contribute to this.”

the new city
The other new arrangement that the Stedelijk Museum Breda will work on in the coming period is the “New Town”. The Nassos family was responsible for the first peak of Breda, and the second peak began in the nineteenth century. With the arrival of industry, the KMA and the diocese, the town’s development has gained momentum. Based on the paintings and objects from the museum’s collection and the stories behind them, the visitor gets an idea of ​​this unearthed period. There is also a private family trail here for young and old.

With a major exhibition by Ruud van Embel, a world-renowned artist with Breda roots, the museum is organizing a high-profile inaugural exhibition.