October 4, 2023

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The studio is in turmoil again, despite management promises

The studio is in turmoil again, despite management promises

After announcing the future Assasin’s Creed who is divided, Ubisoft It is currently facing an even bigger problem: complaints of harassment against its employees, accompanied by a petition calling for major changes. After the studio hasn’t responded, here’s a new petition calling for more concrete demands.

new petition

Ubisoft at the bottom of the wave? The recent announcement of a change of course for his future Assasin’s Creed Fans are deeply divided over licensing. The main bottleneck: a model-style modelkiller, which is a series of semi-open levels that break through the so far welcomed scenario. Yves Guillermot, CEO of Ubisoft, decided to follow up on this to speak up to put out the fire.

But this is another case that is currently spraying the identity of the French development studio. Several employees (former and current) have just signed a petition to end abuse within the company. It regrets the company’s violations, including allegations of harassment of some employees.

Unprecedented increase

In fact, it is a relaunch to demand better terms after another letter was signed last August this time, who demanded that Ubisoft’s management better end the abuse in their company. She also offered her support for Activision Blizzard teams during the harassment allegations. In fact, on Tuesday, July 20, the California Department of Employment and Housing, which is fighting among other things, announced Unlawful discrimination at work », a complaint against Activision Blizzard for condemning “ongoing sexual harassment, including touches, comments and developments” related to “company culture”.

This isn’t the first time the studio has faced such complaints. summer 2020site survey launch A wave of allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination was denounced, after which several big names in the studio were fired. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, announced that steps will be taken to remove the need for fees. However, nothing has changed since then.

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To draw attention to the latest petition, a tweet has been posted that includes this ” You disappoint us, Mr. Guillemot. 100 days, no request answered. You can definitely do better than that. This entire campaign, called #ABetterUbisoft, is not only about cancellation, but offers solutions for greater employee security. end of session” Promote or move known criminals from one studio to another ‘, as well as creating collaborations across industry Connect the management team and others to establish policies and procedures that help the studios better address future issues.

Our Activision Blizzard by CD Project Red

Ubisoft employees aren’t the only ones who have revolted against the French company’s harmful corporate culture. Among them is Activision Blizzard, which announced its new zero-tolerance policy after complaints from several employees. Other cases arose in various development studios, in the midst of the often tense working atmosphere.

Fortunately, these claims sometimes pay off. At the beginning of May, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, director Witcher 3, suspected of molestation, so he left CD Projekt. Legal action has been taken against him, focusing on threats, mass action and other accusations of a crisis.