July 19, 2024

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The third beta of iOS 16 and the new MacBook Air: find out this week’s Apple news!

The third beta of iOS 16 and the new MacBook Air: find out this week’s Apple news!

The third beta version of iOS 16 has just been released — and it has a feature we hope you’ll never need. There is a new product from Apple in stores. this is Apple News You can read more in our last week’s news overview.

iOS 16 beta 3 out

Apple released the third iOS 16 developer beta last week. Including: Lock mode to protect you from cyberattacks, a handy option if you share photos often, and on top of that, a touch of nostalgia! This fall, all of this will also arrive on your iPhone.

iOS 16 beta 3: 5 amazing innovations!

Security mode protects you from cyber attacks

One of the most notable new features in iOS 16 – we just mentioned – is the lock mode. or isolation status in Dutch). What can you do with it? And who really needs this extreme security?

More about insurance status

New MacBook Air for sale

MacBook Air 2022 Presale

Apple announced it last month at WWDC, and now you can finally order it: the new MacBook Air. With the most striking innovations: the M2 chip and a complete redesign. Will you order it?

MacBook Air 2022 pre-sale has begun!

A very special edition of the Apple Watch!

Apple Watch Sport

Apple comes with a very powerful version of the Apple Watch. This version is for people who do intense sports and can therefore use more packs.

Here’s what you need to know about the Apple Watch Sport 2022

What does iOS 16 reveal about the iPhone 14?

iPhone 14 Always On: Widgets

iOS 16 and iPhone 14 will launch this fall. iOS 16 is already available as a beta version. And it could hardly be any different from having software hints for the new iPhone – and that’s what we’ve already noticed.

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Discover iPhone 14 tips in iOS 16

Apple tips!

I also read all kinds of helpful Apple tips on our website this week:

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