July 16, 2024

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The third shot causes a red screen in the Covid Safe Ticket

The third shot causes a red screen in the Covid Safe Ticket


Anyone who has already obtained a third snapshot cannot suddenly request a Covid Safe Ticket in the CovidSafeBE app. Digital Flanders stresses that there is a problem, but it can be circumvented. This writes VRT NWS.

Source: VRT NWS

The booster vaccine should protect you better, but people who have already received this third shot no longer have a green screen on their CovidSafeBe app. So they can no longer download the Covid Safe Ticket they need to enter certain events and places.

Digital Flanders’ Barbara van den Hutt confirms the problem with the VRT NWS. “Currently, the QR code that appears in the CovidSafeBe app after the third shot behaves like the QR code from the second shot. And this code is only valid 14 days after a full vaccination. That’s why you get a red screen right after the third shot.”

By adopting this way of working, the government wants to protect people’s privacy. Because if the app indicates it’s a third hit, it’s immediately obvious that this person has an underlying condition.

Now that all people over 65 will receive a booster dose, the application will have to be modified. Van den Hoot says a solution is being worked on at the European level. Anyone who has already received a third stab can bypass the red screen at the moment by continuing to use the second stab QR code for fourteen days.