December 6, 2022

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The translator Silent Hill 2 knows nothing about the remake, and asks for recognition

The translator Silent Hill 2 knows nothing about the remake, and asks for recognition

Jeremy Blustein, the man who translated the 2001 script of Silent Hill 2 into English, says he was not notified of the game’s rework. On Twitter, he said he would not receive compensation.

Of course, anything could have been tweaked, but judging by the trailer, it’s entirely possible that the remake of Silent Hill 2 will use the scenario from the original game. It was translated into English by Jeremy Blaustein, who said on Twitter that he had not been told about the existence of the new version beforehand.

“Fabulous!” Reply to the ad. “And they will again use the SH2 script that I wrote/translated myself (oh, I put it out), and I won’t get any compensation for it and tens of thousands of people on Twitter won’t get mad at me.” Elsewhere tweet Blaustein says it would have been “good” if he had at least received a message about the existence of the new version.

Reverse GamesRadar Blaustein explains more. “No matter what the credits say, my work on the original work was as follows. I translated every word in Silent Hill 2. There were no other translators.”

I directed the voiceover work. Everything. I organized the auditions, I did them, and I was one of four or five people who decided which actors would get the roles. My choices were followed mostly because the Japanese staff couldn’t judge the quality of the actors, because they speak English is less. I directed the shows during the motion capture process.”

“I worked with the team and [scenarioschrijver Hiroyuki Owaku], almost daily during translation. As you know there was no Japanese VO because the game was mainly aimed at Western audiences. This shows how important the text I wrote is.”

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Blaustein says he’s not looking for overtime pay for his work, “but I think giving me a proper rating is the right thing to do.” Also in the 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection, Blaustein’s job is not spelled out in the credits. It was only mentioned there in the “Special Thanks” section.