December 1, 2022

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The trend that makes a lot of shivering may also continue this fall: slippers with socks |  fashion beauty

The trend that makes a lot of shivering may also continue this fall: slippers with socks | fashion beauty

For much the same horror, but approved by many style icons: slippers with white socks. The trend has been decorating our streets for two summers and is now getting a tail, adapted to the fall atmosphere, admittedly. The principle remains the same, but this season you are choosing more winter socks and perhaps replacing slippers with flip-flops – or shoes similar to slippers.

A little mercy from the weather gods: Autumn came and cold temperatures like a thunderbolt out of the blue. But the fashion gods are inclined better towards us. Because if you ask them, we don’t have to leave our summer clothes off right away. It is very stylish nowadays to wear dresses with tall boots and bare legs. And now you can wear the outfit that Princess Diana loved.

Diamond Burberry sandals… with black socks

Good news: We don’t necessarily have to dust our UGGs or other winter boots just yet. You can still wear summer slippers or flip-flops. If you ask Kanye West anyway. “What are those,” the North’s daughter sang a few years ago at her dad’s party. According to many, this statement also applies to the outfit that West wore at the Burberry fashion show last week.

The American from Chicago was seen in an all-black outfit, as is often the case. clothes star? Diamond studded slipper. This is a brand new pair of Burberry that has not been sold yet. So we don’t know a price, but sandals from a British brand usually cost between 300 and 700 euros, without diamonds.

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The rapper combined slippers with black socks. Although the toe is separated. We don’t know the brand of the socks, but it seems the inspiration came from Maison Margiela’s controversial Tabi shoes.

(Flip) Age of flipping?

Many are very critical. “Kanye West survives the age of flip-flops,” says American magazine Dazed. With this, the US website points to the fact that Kanye has consistently made headlines over the past year for questionable statements and actions. He’s regularly criticized for how he handled his divorce from Kim Kardashian and how he publicized drama with brands Gap and Adidas in the media, even though he had a deal with them.

One wrote on Twitter: “He swings fashion week just as he flops against Kim Kardashian every week. Can we call someone from space to bring him in, I think aliens got him on the wrong planet,” according to another Twitter user. But there is no criticism only. “It really is goat‘, someone else writes again. ‘Goat’ a snake Someone who is exceptionally good at what they do.

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Whether or not his bold blend is flair, West is sure to be debated a lot. And it wouldn’t be the first time the American from Chicago launched a fashion trend that was met with a lot of opposition at first, but eventually broke through completely.

Moreover, the mind behind Burberry, Riccardo Tisci, provided him with the slippers before they were put up for sale. Doesn’t this mean that Tisci agrees with the way the West designs them? In any case, Burberry is a brand with a great deal of prestige and stylish image. Who knows, we may not be surprised soon enough with this special group. Anyway, it looks comfortable, and the truth is that it’s more fun than painful heels or pumps.

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