December 8, 2022

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The United States has authorized an attack on Russia's warship Moscow

The United States has authorized an attack on Russia’s warship Moscow

US intelligence aids Ukraine in sinking Russian warship Moscow This is what US officials say.

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Russia’s warship in the Black Sea sank in April after being hit by two Ukrainian missiles. The Pentagon announced Earlier it was a severe blow to the Russians in the war on Ukraine and would have had a “significant” death toll.

Now, US officials have told NBC News that the attack was made possible by US-shared intelligence.

Authorities say Ukrainian troops have asked Americans about a ship sailing in the Black Sea south of Odessa. The United States identified the ship as Moscow and helped confirm the warship’s location. Then Ukraine attacked it.

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However, the United States has no plans to launch an offensive and has no role to play in the outcome. The intelligence is shared to help Ukraine defend itself against attacks by Russian ships, it said.

Secret war

The U.S. says it is also sharing information about expected moves by Russian troops. According to the New York Times, such information helped the Ukrainian military expel several Russian generals.

Last week, the NBC was also able to find out how US intelligence played a key role in the battle for the airport near Kiev. The Americans crossed the escape routes, thus completely losing the element of surprise to the Russians.

The involvement of US intelligence agencies in the war in Ukraine was initially largely kept secret to prevent escalation by Vladimir Putin, but support for Ukraine has only recently become clear. On Thursday, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed that the United States was sharing intelligence with Ukraine.

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