February 9, 2023

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The United States has blacklisted Russian cyber security guard Kaspersky

The United States has blacklisted Russian cyber security guard Kaspersky

Kaspersky was included in the March 25 invitation Company list Of the FCC, says Bloomberg. It is the first Russian company on the list, which is mainly dominated by Chinese companies.

Once a company is listed, companies and federal companies in the United States are not allowed to trade with them unless an exception is made by the government.

These include Huawei and DJI

Two Chinese companies, China Telecom and China Mobile International USA, were added to the list. However, the inclusion of Chinese companies in the list is no exception. Such as well-known brands Huawei and DJI Are on it.

FCC Commissioner Brandon Carr said the move would help ensure U.S. security. “This will help protect our networks against threats from Chinese and Russian government-backed agencies. They are looking for ways to spy on us and harm US interests.”

Kaspersky was not happy

Says in Kaspersky a Report This decision was not made on the basis of technical evaluation, but rather purely political. “Kaspersky provides industry-leading products and services to protect customers around the world from all kinds of cyber threats. The company has made it clear that it has no affiliation with any government, including Russia.”

This is very reminiscent of a statement the company made two weeks ago. It did so after the German intelligence service, the BSI. Advised Uninstall software from Kaspersky. BSI later warned that Russian information technology manufacturers could voluntarily and indiscriminately engage in conflict.

400 million users

According to Bloomberg has more than 400 million customers, including about 240,000 companies. Kaspersky Is calling Calls itself ‘one of the largest private cyber security companies in the world’. It is also offered for different types Governments Security software, incl Russian

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Until a few years ago, the Dutch government also used Kaspersky products. However, in 2018, the national government decided to stop doing so. Fert Groperhaus was then Minister of Justice and Defense. Said later There is a risk that the Russian government will spy on the Netherlands. At the time, no concrete cases of espionage had been identified.