October 1, 2022

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The United States has expelled Qatar, the world’s largest LNG exporter

Next year, the United States will become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). In doing so, the country will overtake Qatar and Australia, which are currently the market leaders. The United States may also hold this new title for many years. This is exactly what many analysts say in conversations with the news agency Reuters Said.

China and other major economies in Europe and Asia will have to struggle to find enough fuel to supply heat and energy, while the United States can expect abundant supply, which will increase even in the coming years.

Record peak

Global demand for LNG has reached record highs each year since the middle of the last decade, mainly due to increasing demand in China and other parts of Asia.

“Much of that global demand is for US exports that have been steadily rising, setting new records again and again over the past five years,” he said. Reuters At. “That trend looks set to continue next year.”

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that the US will do The daily average is 11.5 billion cubic meters Carrying liquid gas. This means that U.S. exports will account for 22 percent of global demand.

“With that size, the United States will overtake both Australia and Qatar, currently the two largest liquefied natural gas exporters in the world.” Reuters On. One billion cubic feet of gas is enough to meet the needs of five million households every day.

The United States is expected to remain the world’s largest liquefied petroleum gas exporter by the middle of this decade. At that time, with the launch of a new part of the Northern Field, Qatar could regain the top spot.

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“However, if many American producers decide Start new projects as well, The United States will be able to maintain its global leadership in the LNG market for a long time to come, ”the researchers warn.

“Large U.S. gas producers such as Senior Energy have been able to conclude various long-term sales agreements, including with China, in recent months, giving them the financial strength they need to invest in new projects.


US LNG exports went to Asia earlier this year. South Korea and China each accounted for 13 percent of those exports, followed by Japan (10 percent).

All three countries were major destinations for US LNG exports last year. But then South Korea was in first place with 13 percent, followed by Japan (12 percent) and China (9 percent).

“The growth of U.S. gas exports is helping consumers around the world gain better access to a plentiful and affordable product that can alleviate the current shortage in the global market,” said Charlie Reidle, director of the global market. Liquefied Natural Gas Center (CLNG).

This sector refers to natural gas Low polluting fossil fuels Than coal or oil. The gas produces less emissions when burning. Switching from coal to gas is about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, this process releases large amounts of methane gas, which contributes significantly to global warming.

Applications around the world use gas to keep the cost of electricity relatively low and to maintain reliable power grids. In fact, gas reserves allow companies to continue to meet increasing energy demand as they switch from coal to renewable sources.

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However, due to the unavailability of gas, many countries, including China, have decided to increase coal production again.