December 8, 2022

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The United States has not yet relaxed travel restrictions

The United States has not yet relaxed travel restrictions

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For now, the United States has not relaxed entry restrictions for travelers from Europe and other countries. “Because of the delta variation, we will maintain existing travel restrictions,” White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said Monday.

The delta variation will increase the number of corona cases in the United States, especially among the unvaccinated population, Psaki said. He said the chances of the rules being changed in the coming weeks are slim.

People from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland will not be able to travel to the United States from March 2020. The “travel ban” was introduced on various dates in South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Iran.

Washington announced in early June that it would set up working groups with Canada, Mexico, the European Union and the United Kingdom to resolve the issue of international travel. The EU opened all its borders to Americans late last month, offering they could be vaccinated or given a negative test. EU countries have asked the same thing of their countrymen who want to travel to the United States.

The U.S. border with Canada and Mexico will be closed until at least August 21 for those who do not have a “necessary reason” to enter the United States. Meanwhile, Canada has announced that vaccinated Americans will be able to cross the border from August 9, even without the necessary reason. This means that vaccinated Americans can go to Canada and go on vacation there.

U.S. airlines, hard hit by the Corona crisis, have been pushing for months in Washington to quickly lift travel restrictions. They wanted to fly a large number of tourists back to the United States in the summer, including Europe and Latin America. Those efforts have so far been in vain.

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