February 1, 2023

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The unrecognized association suffers its first loss of points for 2023 | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 44′ – Dante Fanzier continues by Victor Boniface
  1. 87′ – Gustav Nelson continued by Ross Sykes
  2. 82′ – Goal – Gustav Nilsson (1-1)
  3. 78′ – Yellow – Leonardo Da Silva Lopez
  4. 68′ – Goal – Thibaut Sommers (1-0)
  5. 61′ – continued Cameron Puertas Lazar Amani
  6. 61′ – Bart Newcube continued for Simon Adingra
  7. 61′ – continued Jean Marceline by Christian Ravitch
  8. 61′ – continued Jan Gboho by Dino Hotek
  9. 50′ – Yellow – Jean Marceline

Cercle Brugge proved Union unbeatable in the new year. Cercle deserved the lead, but a tired Al Ittihad was able to put a point in the sports bag in the final stretch after a goal from Nelson.

Circle – Union in a nutshell

  • Key moment: In the last half hour, Cercle opened the scoring with a great goal. The Federation changes gear and fights to 1-1.
  • man of the match The Polish Cercle goalkeeper shows he’s made of the right fabric. The Federation gritted its teeth at Majecki for a long time.
  • statistics: After 4 consecutive victories, the federation loses points. Then Cercle takes the first spot in 2023.

Fanzir is injured

Al-Ittihad managed to get the best of their chances before the break, but Circle’s goalkeeper Magici was a tough keeper. Although Nelson should have celebrated his first place with an early goal. The tall Swede missed head-to-head with the Pole.

In Cercle, Hugo Ciquet showed himself in his first match for the federation. The newcomer unloaded his pack with a few crosses from the right. Deman managed to shoot once, but he aimed right at the target.

In the closing minutes of the first half, Al-Ittihad saw one of its strongholds withdraw. Dante Fanzir lay down and grabbed the tendon of his right leg. Boniface replaced him.

Dante Fanzier is out with a hamstring injury.

Somers opens the score, and Nelson also hits the mark

Cercle came out better in an entertaining second half. Defender Marceline quickly hit the crossbar.

The federation responded with Boniface, but Boniface’s replacement went for his success. Playing Puertas separate would have been a better option.

The goals came in the last half hour. first in the circle.

Francis broke the Union defense with a lopsided pass, and youth product Somerrs took the lead and moved on.

The federation stabbed the tall Swede Nelson. He got a good ball from substitute Lazar: 1-1.

In the order, number 2 should allow Union Genk to run. The leader is now 9 points ahead. 10th arrondissement.

Thibo Somers is Cercle’s youth producer.

  1. Second half, 95th minute. End: 1-1. Game Over. Cercle gets its first point of 2023, and Union suffers its first loss of the year. Cercle opened the score an hour later in an entertaining second half. Francis broke down the defense with a lopsided pass, and youth product Somers took the lead and moved on. The federation stabbed the tall Swede Nelson. In his first match as a starting player, he took good possession of a ball from substitute Lazar. In the order, number 2 should allow Union Genk to run. The leader is now 9 points ahead. 10th arrondissement. .
  2. The second half, the 95th minute, the match is over
  3. Second half, 91st minute. Extra time. The race administration extends this match by 3 minutes. .
  4. Second half, 88th minute. Majecki strong. Burgess drives hard towards the goal, Magici saves again for the match. .
  5. Second half, minute 88. Foul by Francis on Lazar and a free kick for Al-Ittihad. Majecki must act again and push the ball out of his own corner. .
  6. Second half, minute 87. Union substitution, Ross Sykes inside, Gustav Nelson out
  7. Ouida sneak. Cercle answers with a header for Ueda. The ball flies wide. The goal did not count either. The Japanese were intruders. . Second half, 84th minute.
  8. Second half, 84th minute. Al-Ittihad seems to be getting the rhythm. You know what that could mean. At Anderlecht he went from 1-0 to 1-3. .
  9. Second half, 83rd minute.
  10. Second half, 82nd minute. Goal: Nelson 1-1. Union is level. Substitute Lazar returns the ball to Nelson, who catches up. Now Swede do not miss. .
  11. Second half, minute 80. Al-Ittihad still has 10 minutes to avoid its first league loss since September (1-2 against Genk). .
  12. Second half, 78th minute. Burgess header. Teuma fired Burgess, Majecki returned to the right place. .
  13. Second half, 76th minute. We are entering the closing quarter. Fifteen minutes during which the federation scores regularly. .
  14. Magicy holds Nelson 1-1. Al-Ittihad wants to avoid defeat and is looking hard for the equalizing goal. Magici nods Nelson over his own goal. . Second half, 74th minute.
  15. Second half, 70th minute.
  16. Second half, 69th minute. Cercle youth product scores his second goal of the season. Earlier, Thibaut Sommers scored against Eupen (5-1). .
  17. Second half, 67th minute. Goal: Somers 1-0. Surprise! Somers immediately takes a through ball from Francis and kicks the ball straight into the goal. Nice goal from Cercle. .
  18. Second half, 67th minute. Ueda curls up. Japan’s Ueda cuts the ball and wants the ball into the far corner. The curl ends just above the Morris goal. .
  19. Second half, 64th minute. Nat. It starts to rain over Jan Bredel. .
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