December 9, 2022

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The upgraded trailer for "Ik ben Camille" offers little more than a pink Barbie sugar rush

The upgraded trailer for “Ik ben Camille” offers little more than a pink Barbie sugar rush

Wait, isn’t it weirdly early for a documentary about Camille? Well, of course it depends on perspective. From a commercial point of view, a promotional film disguised as a documentary comes at the right time for Camille. More than ever, the music industry is taking a swing and teens are being thrown to death every week on TikTok with five new pop stars in the making. As a talented singer, she will only aspire to a long-term career.

As a result, you have to serve your target audience what they crave: Camille meets hundreds of fans in the mall, swallows Camille selfies, Camille at home with her proud mom, Camille gets a ride in her old school, Camille takes a walk with her old Barbie toys, Camille in an airplane Helicopter, Camille with her sweetheart in Paris, Camille left a clothing chain designing her own fashion line, Camille dazzled at Lotto Arena. Infinity.

From the point of view of the music press, the “documentary” about the newly emerging white-tinged Flemish chart star is, of course, ridiculous. A few weeks ago, VRT introduced the MAX program Plan A That things could be done differently, with beautiful and in-depth paintings of emerging Flanders rap and R&B artists. Apart from that, many foreign music documentaries have confirmed that with a little imagination and self-criticism, you can capture a major dissection of a contemporary white pop star on film. Netflix Documentary Gaga: Five-foot-two For example, or beautiful Billie Eilish: The world is a little blurry on Apple TV.

Candid singing

Having said that, we don’t doubt it for a second I am Camille It is an effective cog in the machine that he wants to make great. For now, it’s a cutting-edge product, expertly designed for very young consumers who crave a quick sugar rush. Although there is a lot to it. On and off, we couldn’t catch a glimpse of her sexy potential: her impressive work ethic, her admirable optimism, the click with her musician father who turns out to be a skilled rock guitarist, and her perseverance during dance rehearsals. When I heard her from the hallway at the family home in the bathroom rehearsing The Masked Singer Incredible vocals included, you’re on the edge of your seat.

Before some nerdy fans start yelling again, we’re not going to give Camille her pop adventure: “Pop” isn’t a genre but a spectrum, dear layman. What type of career do you want? Kate Ryan and Natalia or Angel and Stroma? Are you Isabel A or Dua Lipa? Dentists Esmee or Beyoncé? It’s up to you. Just that: The expiration date was passed in a jiffy. And credibility cannot be bought.

I am Camille It can be seen on VTM GO.

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