July 19, 2024

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The US and Russia are calling for war in Ukraine for the first time in a year

The US and Russia are calling for war in Ukraine for the first time in a year

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

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The defense ministers of Russia and the United States spoke on the phone about the war in Ukraine. A similar conversation happened a year ago. The phone conversation has put relations on edge just days after a US missile attack on Crimea.

As usual, the Pentagon did not disclose exactly what US Secretary Austin and his Russian counterpart, Pelozov, discussed. The Defense Department office would only say the two discussed the “importance of open communications.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram that the conversation took place at the request of the United States and “views were exchanged” on the war in Ukraine. “Pelosov has highlighted the risk of further escalation of continued US arms deliveries to Ukraine.”

Illegal connection

Russia has repeatedly condemned US military support for Ukraine. Washington has recently authorized Kyiv to use US long-range missiles to target targets in Russia up to 100 kilometers away.

By the way, Crimea is Ukrainian territory. Although Russia illegally annexed the region in 2014 and considers it Russian, it is rarely recognized internationally and the peninsula is Ukrainian under international law.

According to local authorities, five people were killed in Sunday’s attack. Ukraine has yet to respond. The Kremlin blamed the US and threatened “consequences”. U.S. Secretary of State Austin said that Ukraine decides for itself which target to attack.

The International Criminal Court yesterday issued an arrest warrant for Shoigu. He is suspected of leading attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, a war crime.