September 26, 2022

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The US has imposed sanctions against a network that sells Iranian oil

The US has imposed sanctions against a network that sells Iranian oil


The US government has allowed 15 companies, ships and individuals from Iran, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong to evade sanctions against Iran. The Ministry of External Affairs has informed this. 15 are part of an international network that sells oil and other petrochemical products from Iran.

Source: Belga

US sanctions freeze the assets of those involved in the US. US citizens are no longer allowed to do business with them.

The US wants Iran to rejoin the 2015 Vienna nuclear deal. Former President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States from that deal in 2018 and then imposed a series of sanctions on Iran, some of which targeted its vital oil sector. In response, Iran gradually began to break restrictions on its nuclear program. Negotiations are currently underway between the two sides to return the deal, but they are currently at an impasse.

“While the United States pursues an agreement with Iran to return to the nuclear deal, we will continue to use all of our authority to impose sanctions on the sale of oil and petrochemicals,” said Brian Nelson, US Secretary of State for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. .

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