October 1, 2022

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The US House of Representatives voted for a federal right to abortion

The US House of Representatives voted for a federal right to abortion

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The US House of Representatives voted Friday in favor of a federal right to abortion in the United States. However, the bill is expected to fail in the Senate.

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The House voted 219 to 210 Friday in favor of the measure. In late June, the country’s Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion. It allows states or congressional legislatures to decide by law whether abortion is permitted or prohibited. There is currently no federal law, and Democrats want to change it. However, they do not have the required majority in the Senate.

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Until the end of June, this right to abortion was protected by a 1973 Supreme Court decision – allowing abortion nationwide, at least until the fetus is viable. That decision was overturned in a landmark ruling by the court’s conservative majority. The result is a patchwork of regulations. Abortion is now banned in many states.

Democrats had already tried and failed to enshrine abortion rights in federal law in May. At the time, a draft of the Supreme Court’s decision had already been leaked, which had already indicated that the justices wanted to overturn the right to abortion.

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