January 20, 2022

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The US Secretary of State has demanded the release of Hong Kong journalists

The US Secretary of State has demanded the release of Hong Kong journalists

The United States has announced that it will shut down the news site Stand News Guilty in Hong Kong. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has said that “the government should not be afraid to accept independent press.” He has demanded the release of the arrested journalists.

The pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is further restricted. Police raided the buildings of the news site on Wednesday Stand News Inside Seven leading journalists and team members were arrested, Including pop star and movement stalwart Denise Ho and former MP Margaret Ng. According to police, the plot was to release ‘shocking information’.

“The press is not a stimulus,” said US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. Urged the release of journalists. The United States points out that freedom of expression, including freedom of the press and freedom of the press, are important for a prosperous and secure society. It said China was undermining the credibility of Hong Kong officials.

Hong Kong President Gary Lam was not pleased with the allegations. Responding to that, he says the police only enforce the law. According to him, the arrest had nothing to do with the activities of the press or the media. ‘The community with the constitutional government of Hong Kong. We must maintain the rule of law as we maintain national security and social order, “he said.

The news site was shut down and subsequent arrests were condemned by the EU. State Department spokesman Peter Stano said on Twitter that this was an act of further disruption of press freedom. Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is essential to the rule of law and the principle of ‘one nation, two institutions’, “it said.

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The former British colony of Hong Kong has been part of China since July 1, 1997. The People’s Republic of China agreed that the island could be ruled semi-autonomously, giving citizens more freedom than the so-called ‘one country, two organizations’ policy. That freedom is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Beijing has stepped up repression with a new security law and a reform of the electoral system.