July 24, 2024

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The US wants to force power plants to curb emissions

The US wants to force power plants to curb emissions

Trans-Alaska crude oil pipeline. The United States is the world’s second largest climate polluter after China.The film is solid

“We are proposing new technology standards,” said EPA Chairman Michael Reagan, “that will reduce emissions, protect health and protect our planet.” The United States is the world’s second largest climate polluter after China. Power plants account for a quarter of emissions. By forcing them to install CO2 capture devices, emissions can be limited. Energy companies that refuse to participate will have to close their doors under the plan.

Environmental groups and scientists have long warned that drastic measures are needed to combat global warming. It is the most ambitious effort of the Biden administration. The US has already said it wants to reduce net emissions from the energy sector to zero by 2035. The new plans could reduce emissions from coal-fired and new gas-fired plants by 617 million tonnes between 2028 and 2042.

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Maral Noshad Sharifi is a US correspondent D Volkskrant. She lives in New York.

“If you look at what’s being proposed,” White House climate adviser Ali Zaidi said Thursday, “it’s completely consistent with the president’s goals.”

Legal questions

It remains to be seen if this plan is feasible. These projects will cost the energy sector about $10 billion. Companies will do their best to challenge the new guidelines in court. America Power, a club representing the coal industry, said the proposal “raises several legal questions,” including whether the EPA has the authority to “enforce” such technologies.

Joe Biden’s progressive voters will be pleased to see new climate plans laid out in Washington, DC. Biden has vowed to become the ‘greenest president ever’ by 2020. “No more drilling on federal land,” he said. Last year he signed into law a deflationary bill that included more than 400 billion euros in investments aimed at clean energy. But at the same time, his climate ambitions have been tempered by high gas prices caused by the war in Ukraine.

The president felt compelled to switch back to coal, oil and gas. In March, Biden drew a lot of criticism for endorsing oil giant ConocoPhillips’ controversial Willow project. In northwest Alaska, the company has been approved to drill for oil at three locations for about 600 million barrels. Critics warned that new investments in fossil energy would lead to additional emissions that the world cannot afford at this time.

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