February 1, 2023

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The Weekend “Family” shocks the viewer: Will two characters die soon?

The fates of two ‘Family’ characters, including Koen (Sieg De Doncker), seemed sealed in the mid-season finale.

There is only a week left until 2023, but the makers of “Family” have opened all the drawers at once. After all, in the extra-long midseason finale, it looked as if viewers had to say goodbye to Quinn (Sig de Doncker) and Raymond (Frans van der A) next week. Both characters do not appear to survive the episode.

Wout destiny

Devoted viewers saw it would end up going wrong with Koen, from miles away. The character, who appears on the soap at the end of 2021, was none other than a saint. The episode revolved around the plan of his half-brother and rival Lars (Curt Rogers) to free Veronique (Sandrine Andre) from his clutches.

A plan that has many unexpected hitches and is completely changed at the last moment. Quinn became suspicious and got into a fierce confrontation. Veronique took matters into her own hands and knocked out Quinn in front of Lars. He didn’t wake up anymore.

Veronique (Sandrine Andre) knocks Quinn to the ground. © VTM

It was also exciting for Quinten (Maxime De Winne). He is threatened for a time by Raymond, who suddenly appears in the soap in November. He claimed to be Quentin’s missing uncle, but at the same time planned to steal money in Cobb Pro. Because his family is in danger, Quentin decides to play it safe. He threw Raymond in front of an oncoming car. And it didn’t stop either.

Is sneaky Uncle Raymond game over? © VTM

Thankfully, this is only the mid-season finale and viewers won’t have to wait two months before they find out about the cliffhangers sequel. Monday goes family Just carry on as usual.

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