September 26, 2022

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The well-known Moroccan TikToker was arrested after "insulting the king" |

The well-known Moroccan TikToker was arrested after “insulting the king” |

According to the Moroccan news website “Hippers”, Mohamed Mollali was arrested last Saturday in Tetouan, in the north of the country. TikTokker had posted a video of King Mohammed VI earlier that day, but authorities deemed it a “violation and insult to the king and the symbols of the nation.”

After his arrest, Malali’s TikTok profile was suddenly stopped. His YouTube account with more than 80,000 followers remained available. The video in question, which criticized the Moroccan authorities, continued to spread through other users, but what is particularly striking is the number of Moroccans who have spoken out against the content of the video. “Long live the king,” was one of the comments posted dozens of times below the video.

According to Hibapress, Malali has since been released. Remarkably, a video of TikTokker apologizing to Moroccans and stressing “love and pride” for his country was then circulated. Whether or not Mohamed Malali voluntarily recorded this video.

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