June 2, 2023

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The wolf was beheaded in front of the Nature Association in Germany

A man and woman discovered a wolf’s head while hiking in Lower Saxony, according to the Instagram account wildes_leben_in_sachsen_anhalts, which also shares a photo the hikers took of the head. The account belongs to a nature lover who says he is fighting fake news about wolves.

The police opened an investigation He writes for the German magazine Bild. The wolf is a protected species. This means that it is forbidden to kill, capture, injure or disturb the animal. In Lower Saxony there is a fine of up to 50,000 euros. She has a wolf conservation organization Received a reward To obtain classified information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

As in our country, the wolf also causes a lot of discussion in Germany, because the animal is also on the rise there.

Farmers want to protect their livestock from a predator that bites sheep to death, while conservationists want to give the wolf space to settle in more places.

Most of the wolves are in the east

There are 159 wolf packs in Germany and the Benelux, according to figures compiled last year by the four countries’ scientific wolf institutes. In addition, there are 29 pairs and 21 individual wolves. Most of the wolf populations are found in eastern Germany, near the border with Poland.

In Holland there are four cans, BIJ12 saysIt is an agency that monitors wolves for all governorates and arranges compensation in the event of damage to livestock, for example.