July 21, 2024

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The worst company on Earth leaves its employees suffocating in space

The worst company on Earth leaves its employees suffocating in space

The worst company in the world continues to do everything in its power to never let anyone set foot on a Boeing plane again, whether it’s a plane or a spaceship. A device in the last category is stranded in space with astronauts on board. Time is running out to return to Earth.

Netflix series Downfall: The case against Boeing 2022 has already shown us how Boeing has subordinated safety to profit. The company quickly squandered its good image. In 2024, their infamous coffin, the Boeing 737 MAX, showed signs of failure once again.

For example, a 737 MAX had to turn around in Phoenix after the plane made “uncontrolled sideways yaw movements” (also called a Dutch roll, because it resembles the movement of a “Dutch skater on an icy canal”). In Korea, an aircraft of the same type lost more than 7.5 kilometers of altitude within five minutes after a malfunction in the cabin pressure system.

Starliner Boeing 737 Max flying spaceship
This is what a Dutch roll looks like. (Photo: Wikimedia)

It became clear this week that Boeing can no longer build not only decent airplanes, but also spaceships.

Race against time: Boeing spaceship stuck on the International Space Station

On June 5, 2024, astronauts Sunita Williams and Barry Wilmore departed on an eight-day space mission to the International Space Station. During the 25-hour flight on the Boeing Starliner, there were at least five helium leaks in the propulsion system. Although the astronauts arrive safely at the International Space Station, they are stuck there until the spacecraft is repaired.

The smart minds at Boeing are racing against time to fix the technical glitches. The Starliner also burns fuel while parked at the International Space Station. The spacecraft can stay there for a maximum of 45 days before making its return trip. It’s now 23 days into that.

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Boeing Starliner is as dilapidated as the 737 Max

The current disaster flight is already the third undertaken by Boeing to transport astronauts to the International Space Station. Previously, a flight had to be canceled when a software glitch put a Starliner into the wrong orbit — call it Sven Kramer, to stick with ski terminology.

Subsequent launches were delayed because a total of 1.6 kilometers of tape had been used, which proved to be a fire hazard. We no longer worry that tape is a fire hazard or that tape is ever used in spaceship construction.

Reminds us of that legendary scene with Tom Hanks Apollo 13. Fancy a space movie marathon, though of course we’ll also keep track of the real space adventure for you!