December 6, 2022

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Theater visitors continue to come to Kampang, although they 'try less'

Theater visitors continue to come to Kampang, although they ‘try less’

During the Corona crisis, the theater de Campang in Den Helder was still He is afraid of getting people firedBut this fear turned out to be unfounded. There were no layoffs. Theater visitors also know where to find Kampanje. However, something has changed. People come mainly for the well-known names and “try less”.

This is what programmer Kim Smit from the Kampanjee Theater says. Lesser-known artists and plays could still count on enough visitors before the corona period, but now these pieces are often ignored by people. “Of course we now have a new crisis, a financial crisis,” Smit says. “When people have less money, they cut back on things like theater. And when they go, they go ahead. Safe And thus to the most famous performances.”

There is no reason why kampangi should only hire famous artists. “Otherwise the theater will cease to exist, so no, we will not. In addition, new, young and unknown artists must also be given the opportunity to perform on stage. However, they will have to accept the fact that they may not always be in front of a house full of standing.”

In addition, the theater performance is not bad from a financial point of view. Government schemes helped, and the business market rebounded, too. “There are now many exhibitions, conferences, parties and parties. A lot has been canceled in the times of Corona and it is being made up now.”


Although Kampanje also encountered higher costs, this does not necessarily mean that the entrance tickets will cost more. “We don’t set the price of theater tickets,” Smit explains. The show organizer sets a single price that applies to all theaters. “If it was cheaper here than anywhere else, everyone would have gone here. That’s not the point.”

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What Kampanje affects is the amount of service costs. She called: “There is a possibility that we can now increase it slightly, although you should not think about the euro anymore.”