March 25, 2023

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Their award-winning film saved Charlotte Vandermerch and Felix van Groningen's relationship: 'And an army of healers' |  showbiz

Their award-winning film saved Charlotte Vandermerch and Felix van Groningen’s relationship: ‘And an army of healers’ | showbiz

“We have lost the balance in this eternal realm of tension between personal development and the common project, between engagement in relationship and individual freedom,” Vandermeersch told Media Hess. “Our relationship is hanging by a thread. We have had to carefully look for the threads that can reconnect us as the adults we have become. With the help of an army of healers, we have painstakingly brought everything back together. And this process continues, much more consciously than before.”

So it came back well. They say thanks to their son Rufus. Physical attraction too, love, security. “But the movie brought us together again,” Charlotte says. Van Groningen agrees that they have been together for about fifteen years. “Charlotte and I have worked separately for many years,” he says. “Our lives are no longer out of sync. When the pandemic started and at the same time the movie project started, we went through a difficult moment. Making the movie together was good for us. If I did it on my own, it would have been very difficult for our relationship as well as the movie. We made pieces and time will glue it all together. It cost us a lot of conversations. Still. But we know one thing very clearly: We want to move forward together.”

Charlotte feels the same way. “We’ll see now where we end up,” she says. “I have a feeling we’ll be together. It’s not necessary, I don’t see staying together as an end in itself. But it feels that way. I’m aiming for another fifteen years to start.”

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