July 21, 2024

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There is a February update for the Galaxy A52 (5G) – Galaxy Club

There is a February update for the Galaxy A52 (5G) – Galaxy Club

If there is a sheep above the dam… he also gets Samsung Galaxy A52 February update. This is not the same, but it is no less true.

Galaxy A52 February 2022 update

Early this morning someone woke up at Samsung HQ, looked at the calendar, saw that it was already March, and with some shock put all kinds of late updates from last month live. Earlier today we reported that Galaxy S21 finally got the February update And now you can also start using the Galaxy A52 5G.

The ~291MB update is now ready for download. A526BXXU1BVB2 firmware version is coming to A52 5G – For A52 with 4G there is A525FXXU4BVB3 firmware version. Although the change list only states that “Your device security is improved‘, the attached list also shows that some applications are planned.

However, the main improvement in February patch else. Among the fixes that Google released for the Android operating system, there is also an item that closes a critical software vulnerability for a number of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. And indeed, the Galaxy A52 models work, too.

By the way, the same applies to this update for this morning’s S21 update. Although we assume that the Galaxy A52(s) Get an upgrade to One UI 4.1 later this springThis hasn’t happened yet.


The update is now live, OTA is available on all Galaxy A52 models in Holland and Belgium. Galaxy A52s received the same update Already last week. You can wait until you receive the notification automatically, or you can start the process yourself. You can do this via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install

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Did you discover any other changes to the A52 after installation?

(Thanks, Petra!)