July 25, 2024

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“There is a need for an adult vaccination system” | V&VN

“There is a need for an adult vaccination system” | V&VN

HThere should be a future vaccination system for adults, in addition to the current vaccination programme for children. A broad association of healthcare professionals, trade organisations, patients’ organisations and the elderly are advocating this in an urgent letter sent to the House of Representatives’ Public Health, Social Care and Sport Committee on 28 July. (VWS) has been sent. V&VN is part of this alliance.

In the urgent letter, the alliance sounded the alarm about the low vaccination rate in the Netherlands. This development puts public health at serious risk. The alliance also believes that the advice of the Health Council on certain vaccines is not being followed quickly enough. “As a result, health gains are lagging behind and this is unacceptable for the Netherlands. From an international perspective, our country is increasingly lagging behind the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, among others.

“We hope this letter provides sufficient starting points for our advocacy and discussion of our concerns,” the coalition partners said. The coalition first sounded the alarm in April. Since then, more organizations and health experts have joined.

More information about the alliance and the consequences of low vaccination rates can be found here. www.benedenpeil.nu.

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