July 24, 2024

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“There is no more or less death in Gaza” – Songfestival.be

“There is no more or less death in Gaza” – Songfestival.be

Mentions of the Flemish Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Jan Jambon To an extent, to a degree The buzz around Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 “Not an issue”. According to the N-VA leader, there is nothing political in the country’s participation. This is contradicted by Eurovision Song Contest commentator Peter van de Veer: “The European Broadcasting Union must acknowledge the political layers of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Jean Jambon responds in an email To an extent, to a degree Radio interview at the recent Eurovision Song Contest. Many politicians at home and abroad have made their voices heard regarding the Israeli presence. One is for and the other is strongly against.

some politicians, Also within N-VAHe even called for a widespread vote in favor of Eden Golan.

This only adds an additional political charge to the previous Eurovision Song Contest. Something Flemish Culture Minister Jambon disagrees with:

He added: “Israel’s participation is not an issue. Naturally, no one missed the noise, but it doesn’t keep me up at night. Politics has nothing to do with the Eurovision Song Contest, you have to separate that. Israel has been sending songs to the festival for more than 50 years. Whether this singer sings or not, there will be no more or fewer deaths in Gaza.

“Flemish decided”

Despite the national (and international) mobilization to vote for Israel, Jan Jambon believes that the Flemish voted mainly for the Israeli song. ‘You have to go there No politics statement “Look,” he says.

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‘Politics plays a role’

Peter van de Veer, presenter, among others eurosong Clearly, the commentator thinks differently. He also submitted a response To an extent, to a degree:

“The Eurovision Song Contest has never been apolitical. It even came about for political motives, to bring us together again. You are not allowed to perform political songs or messages, but the European Broadcasting Union must recognize the political layers of the Eurovision Song Contest. Israel did not have a song Bad, but many people voted for that country in protest.

According to Peter, it is the Eurovision Song Contest, especially the organizer The European Broadcasting Union is in crisis. “In addition to Israel, there is this debate about Joost Klein. Was this extreme decision to exclude the Netherlands really necessary?

There was little to No crisis communicationsEven we as commentators were not informed of anything. The EBU keeps all doors closed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the board members there resigned,” Peter says in a video response.

The storm will not subside

The calm after the storm, brought the Netherlands to the Eurovision Song Contest ten years ago. This does not currently apply to the storm during the festival on Saturday.

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For example, the Swedish media became involved in the investigation of Jost Klein, broadcasters continued to criticize the EBU, and some artists shared their “painful” feelings after returning to their homeland.

The European Broadcasting Union issues a statement after broadcasters criticized Eurovision 2024