December 1, 2022

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There's Psy Again: Ten Years After The Monster's "Gangnam Style" hit, the South Korean pop star is back with BTS's Suga

There’s Psy Again: Ten Years After The Monster’s “Gangnam Style” hit, the South Korean pop star is back with BTS’s Suga


You may have almost forgotten about it, but here it is again. South Korean rapper Psy (44) released music from the world for the first time in five years. The first single that featured K-pop phenomenon BTS Suga is on its way to success. But the road to the brutal success of “Gangnam Style” is still long.

Eva de Porter

‘Hopa Gangnam Style’. So, you’re back with the tune of the Psy monster that just hit your head. Sorry, or you’re most welcome, we’ll leave it up to you. Ten years after his surprise chart-topping foray and five years after his last album, the South Korean pop star is back. With a new album 9 psy And hit in the making.

That, the first song he actually raised on social media, scores. With over 52 million views since the clip was launched Friday on Youtube and 5.4 million likes on the same platform. The song has been streamed nearly 6 million times on Spotify. The song is also selected in our country. It’s the second most-watched music video on Youtube, right behind it abnormal by Pommelien Thijs.

With that he seems to have risen to the first sentence in the song: 2022 Psy is coming withack† Because after Gangnam Cityfairy In 2012, neither Psy nor Park Jae-Sang was really registered as his real name in the West. back only a respectful person In 2013 I managed to break some pots. In Belgium it took second place in the Ultratop.

Kpop Introduction

However, he has launched a phenomenon in our area: Kpop, or K-pop. Although not all fans think he represents the genre. In the meantime, style has become an integral part of the pop world. Girl group Blackpink has already worked with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Selena Gomez. Boy group BTS – which has armies of fans all over the world – has won a Grammy for Best Pop Group Performance for two years in a row. They have also worked with international artists such as Ed Sheeran, Halsey and Megan Thee Stallion. They also recently finished recordings with rapper Snoop Dogg.

BTS and Suga (second from left) won a statue

BTS and Suga (second from left) won the ‘Artist of the Year’ statue at last year’s American Music Awards. © Reuters

The 29-year-old Suga, who is also a very popular member of the same BTS, co-wrote and produced Psy’s new song and it can also be heard and seen in the clip. A clever move by the man who brought the genre to the West, now featuring one of the most popular Kpop members. The result is a catchy song with distinct choreography. Interesting for a platform like Tiktok that is increasingly having an impact on songs that become hits.

However, it was not easy to match the success of the battering beast at the time. Arrived in more than thirty countries gangnam style The top of the charts including Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Russia as well as our country. The hit counter now stands at 4.4 billion views of the infectious boogie clip. Once the recording on Youtube, but in the meantime that authorized another – Baby Shark dance – It’s been broken for so long. At the beginning of this year, it became the first video to reach 10 billion views on the platform.

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