June 5, 2023

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These 5 repairs to your car are the most expensive and therefore you can optimally cover yourself against MyGuide

independentCar repair after an accident can have a significant impact on your wallet, because costs can skyrocket. What are the most expensive repairs? And why/when is full comprehensive insurance beneficial in those cases? Independent.be Explain.

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Although the repair price naturally depends on the make and model of the vehicle, there are repairs that are much more expensive than others. The jobs below in particular take a big chunk out of your budget.

Has your car been in an accident? This step-by-step plan shows you what to do and helps you stay calm.

1. Gearbox repair

A damaged gearbox must be dismantled. Then worn moving parts such as gears and bearings are replaced. We often talk about a cost between 2,000 and 5,000 euros.

2. Engine overhaul

Dismantling the engine block is also labor intensive and costs a lot of money. Count on repair costs between 1,500 and 5,000 euros. It is often cheaper not to repair the engine, but to immediately replace it with a replacement engine.

3. Replace the fuel pump

If you wait too long to refuel, the high pressure pump will be damaged. Replacing it costs a lot of money: between 1,000 and 3,500 euros. Therefore, make sure that you always have a quarter of the gasoline in your tank.

4. New shock absorbers, brakes or exhaust

You can count on amounts from 500 to 1500 euros for these three “classic” repairs due to wear and tear.

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5. Electric car repair

Electric cars are much easier to maintain than combustion engine cars, because they have fewer parts, and they are less prone to wear and tear. This ensures low maintenance costs. But the situation is different with repair costs. These are much higher than in a regular car, because the parts of an electric car are much more complex. For example, replacing a power brake on a Nissan Leaf electric car costs 4,000 euros, ten times as much as repairing a power brake on a classic Nissan Qashqai.

Who decides when your car is damaged beyond repair? And what compensation can you count on?
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All-inclusive covers all damages in the event of an accident

With full comprehensive insurance, you are covered for physical damage that you cause to yourself if you get into an accident. This means that if your engine block or another part of your car is damaged during an accident in which you are at fault, the insurance company will reimburse the damage in full.

Are there exceptions?

They exist. They differ, among other things, from corrosion damage, such as brake pads. This does not offset your comprehensive insurance.

In addition, there are some other exceptions:
• Damage caused by a defect in construction
• Damages caused by improper vehicle maintenance
Tire damage, unless other parts of the vehicle were damaged in the accident
• Damage resulting from loading and unloading the vehicle or overloading it
• Damage caused by incorrect fuel filling

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