July 23, 2024

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“These are Galaxy Buds 3 with a completely new, futuristic design.”

“These are Galaxy Buds 3 with a completely new, futuristic design.”

In a few weeks we expect to see the Galaxy Buds 3 from Samsung. The company has been sticking to a specific design for its true wireless earbuds for years, but the upcoming ones could look very different.

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Rumor: Take a look at the design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3

Samsung is present in many markets and in July the manufacturer will hold another big event, according to rumours. Expect new ones there foldable To see, but also new wearable devices. In addition to smartwatches, we’ll also likely see the company’s latest wireless earbuds there.

Alleged images of the earbuds, which will be called the Galaxy Buds 3, have now surfaced. The wireless earbuds have already been released online by a Korean online seller, so we know exactly what they look like. Previous generations of earplugs looked very similar and were bean-shaped.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3

The Buds 3 feature futuristic-looking covers and are equipped with a stem. In the published images we see the model in silver, but we expect other colors to appear in the markets. The top of the box is transparent and there is a status LED on the front.

The earbuds have multiple microphones, as the images show, but how the controls work is still unknown. Maybe you can easily skip to the next song or control the volume by touch. In another leaked image we also see an additional external box from a third party that is supposed to provide more protection.

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Reveal on Galaxy Unpacked?

We are still waiting for the official message, but it could happen in mid-July. Samsung wants to hold a big event to introduce all kinds of products. According to rumours, this concerns the all-new Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6, but also the Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 Ultra, and of course the Buds 3 and the star of the show: the Galaxy Ring.

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