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These are the 4 best smartphones for 300 euros |  Technique

These are the 4 best smartphones for 300 euros | Technique

TweakersMany people have neither the need nor the opportunity to buy a smartphone worth 1,000 euros (or more). Especially for them, smartphone specialist Donovan Kerssenberg started Technology website Tweakers Start: selects the best devices around 300 euros, after a comprehensive tour of the smartphone market.

Written by Thomas Russell, in collaboration with Tweakers

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“When making your choice, look primarily at your wants and requirements,” Donovan says. “There are quite a few people who don’t appreciate the headphone jack or the microSD card reader. So don’t base your choice on these conclusions alone.”

1. OnePlus Nord CE 2 – from €299

“From our point of view, this device is the most complete device that offers the highest value for money. OnePlus North Sea 2 The device not only has a 3.5mm headphone jack, but can also accommodate two SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time. You don’t see this option very often anymore. In addition, this phone can handle power efficiently, surpassing some of the other smartphones with a larger battery on this list.”

“Especially if you’re media consuming, you can last longer with this smartphone. Unfortunately, on the other hand, you first have to fiddle with the screen’s color settings. This aspect doesn’t win a beauty prize, certainly not in the realm of correct color reproduction. You don’t have to get On this one for the camera, too. It doesn’t shine in any way. Anyway, you’ll get a lot of phones for that budget.”

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Watch here where you can order the cheapest OnePlus Nord CE 2.

OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, 8GB Internal Memory, 128GB Storage, Gray. ©

2. Motorola Moto G200 – from 329 euros

“This device is the center of the phone’s power. During the day you can take beautiful pictures with it. Motorola Moto G 200 It is the fastest in our test by far, but does get very hot when turned on. The desktop mode It is a nice addition, especially since you rarely come across functionality in this price category. The overall Android experience is clean.”

However, this device has the least expandable options. It lacks a headphone jack and you cannot expand storage with a microSD card. These are things I would expect in this price range. Program support on the short side for two years. You also have to settle for a less sharp LCD screen. But if you are looking for a powerful and powerful device for gaming, then this one is definitely worth considering.

Watch here where you can order the cheapest Motorola Moto G200.

Motorola Moto G200 Blue.

Motorola Moto G200 Blue. ©

3. Samsung Galaxy A52s – from €299

“The A52s It is faster, stronger, more complete and cheaper than its successor A 53 So it is the best option in my opinion. In addition, the A52s still has a headphone jack, unlike the A53 (from € 329). This is basically a smartphone for people who appreciate water and dust resistance. In addition, the photos are very good, especially if the lighting mode is not optimal. Add to that long software support, a good screen and excellent battery life from Samsung and you’ve got a nice all-round device, at least if you don’t miss the 3.5mm headphone connection. Also, charger is not included. If you think these functions are important, you’d better look at a file OnePlus North Sea 2. ”

Watch here where you can order the cheapest Samsung Galaxy A52s.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, 6GB, 128GB Storage Black.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, 6GB, 128GB Storage Black. ©

4. POCO X4 Pro – from €279

“The POCO X4 Pro It is the cheapest smartphone on this list and you get a whole host of features with it. The device looks and feels luxurious. The battery lasts a long time and charges quickly. In addition, the device is loaded with connectivity options: a 3.5 mm headphone jack, an infrared port, a hybrid card slot for dual SIM or two SIM cards and a microSD card. “

In addition, the device has a good screen that can compete with those of high-end smartphones. The camera is decent. If you like to take photos for social media during the day, this camera is enough.”

Watch here where you can order the cheapest POCO X4 Pro.

Poco X4 Pro 5G phone.

Poco X4 Pro 5G phone. ©

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