October 4, 2023

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These are the best exercises you can do when you’re drunk

These are the best exercises you can do when you’re drunk

Ah, hangovers are annoying. You have a headache, you feel nauseous, and you want to lie in your bed all day. But if you have a hangover, it’s also a good idea to get some exercise. These are the best exercises you can do when you’re drunk.

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Exercise with a hangover

Your ability to exercise with a hangover depends on how severe it is. If you have to run to the bathroom frequently or if you can’t walk in a straight line, it may be best to stay in bed. Especially if you are experiencing blurred vision or dizziness, it is best for your safety to give your body time to allow the alcohol to disappear from your system. The exercises that you will find below are suitable if you have milder complaints. So always be careful and if in doubt, stay a little longer. It’s better for you and your environment.


One of the best ways to get your body moving without making your hangover worse is to do yoga. Lay a rug in your living room and stretch and stretch! Make sure to perform your movements slowly and smoothly. And if you’re still nauseous, it might be best not to turn upside down. Focus on your breathing and relax for a while.

to walk

If you think fresh air will be good for you, you can take a nice walk to get a breath of fresh air. Walk at a comfortable pace and choose a route that is not too difficult or long. Bring a water bottle to hydrate yourself while walking. We hope this helps you get rid of your hangover as soon as possible. And that extra vitamin D from the sun never hurts, either.

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Swimming is one of the nicest things you can do for your body when you’re not feeling well. The cold water cools your body and ensures that your headaches disappear like snow in the sun. Make gentle movements in the water and swim long distances. In the summer, you might also enjoy swimming outside. Fresh air and cooling water really is a panacea for a hangover.

To practice jogging

Finally, you can run with a very light hangover. We intentionally choose to run and not run here. Running may be a bit too intense if you’re feeling nauseous or have a headache. So keep a comfortable pace and make sure you drink enough water. And if jogging gets too intense, you can always switch to walking! Maybe once the nausea subsides, you’ll find something delicious to eat along the way!

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