December 5, 2022

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These are the five cheapest cars in our country |  Sentences

These are the five cheapest cars in our country | Sentences

Small budget, but still want a car? Our Mobility Expert Brecht Vanhaelewyn It lists the five cheapest cars in our country, all under 16,000 euros. “You can use this affordable car as a compact family car.”

“Just like other products, cars are getting more expensive,” Vanhaelewyn says. This is partly due to the safety measures that Europe imposes. A shortage of materials, such as a scarcity of chips, also causes prices to rise dramatically. In this way, a cheap city car with a price tag of less than 15,000 euros will become an exception in the future.” Before that, we will list the five most competitive cars of the moment.

1. Dacia Sandero – 10,990 euros

© Dacia

Oddly enough, the cheapest car from our list is also the largest. “With a length of just over four metres, you can still use it perfectly as a small family car.” Moreover, the standard equipment of this car consists of LED lighting, electric front windows, cruise control and central locking with remote control. So you still get value for money.

Fiat Panda – 13,890 euros


© Fiat

The Fiat model dates back to 2012. The Panda design has been around for a long time. Nowadays, you can even buy one with a mild hybrid, which makes the car more economical. In addition, Fiat provides air conditioning as standard. Very useful in warm summer temperatures. But beware: Fiat is working on a successor. “It will be bigger, electric, and therefore more expensive.”

Hyundai i10 – 13,949 euros


© Hyundai

For about 60 euros more than a Fiat, you can go to a Hyundai for an i10. That starts at €13,949 as the 67 hp 1.0 three-cylinder i-Drive in the price list. It is equipped with automatic lighting with high beam assist, electrically operated side windows, central locking, cruise control with a limiter and active lane assistant. Radio and air conditioning are not included automatically.

Kia Picanto – 14,290 euros

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto © Kia

The Kia Picanto is a sister model to the Hyundai i10 and therefore it has many of the same parts. However, as an entry-level model, it is 300 euros more expensive. The motor is identical, but the base Picanto has air conditioning and built-in radio with USB and aux connection as standard.

Volkswagen arrives – 15,310 euros


© Volkswagen

The Volkswagen model is the oldest on our list. The Up dates back to 2011. “The model was discontinued first, then the electric variant was reduced and now the conventionally powered version is back,” Vanhaelewyn says. It is unknown how long it will be there. So if you really want one, you better hurry it up. What does this car include? For just over 15,000 euros you get a car with air conditioning, radio with Bluetooth and smartphone integration. In terms of engines, you have to do that at the base price with a 65 hp 1.0 three-cylinder.

All prices have recently been checked by our mobility expert. Of course it is always possible that a cheaper price has been set elsewhere or a more competitive model has been brought to market. Please pay attention to this.

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