December 8, 2023

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These are the great novelties of Windows 11

These are the great novelties of Windows 11

employment October 5 Microsoft’s new operating system launched. The launch will take place in several stages. In anticipation of this launch, we list the biggest novelties that Windows 11 brings.

Aesthetic changes, new features, and better cloud gaming integration are on the Windows 11 agenda, but that’s not all. Microsoft’s new operating system introduces a host of new features.

New design and central start menu

The first thing that catches your eye, of course, is the aesthetic change in Windows 11. While the evolution isn’t as revolutionary as it is between Windows 10 and Windows 8, there’s still a change in atmosphere.

Microsoft’s new operating system keeps the basics of Windows 10, but introduces a new design called Sun Valley. This includes a redesign of all operating system windows, with more rotation and transparency. New popups have also been introduced.

The illustrations have also been given a new look (Fluent Design). They are more consistent and modern. Microsoft apps have also been slightly facelifted to make them more cohesive.

The Start menu is now in the middle of the sidebar, along with your installed apps, and appears to float when you open it.

back widgets

The interactive tiles in the start menu have disappeared and have been replaced by widgets. In Windows 11, it will be possible to add an interactive display to an application. Users will be able to add their own weather, news or calendar widget and access it directly from the start menu.

A little Android on Windows

One of the greatest novelties of this new operating system is undoubtedly the ability to enjoy Android apps on your PC. The Microsoft Store – revised and patched – will have a page dedicated to Android mobile apps that can be downloaded and installed on Windows 11, just like any other program. This new feature is powered by the Amazon App Store, the Android app store operated by Amazon.

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Microsoft’s operating system will emulate the Android environment so that applications will seamlessly transition to Windows 11.

Unfortunately, this new feature will not be available when Windows 11 launches. Microsoft has informed us that this feature is not yet ready for deployment. You’ll have to wait until early 2022 to use it.

Increase productivity

With the new operating system, Microsoft is once again focusing on productivity with its ‘Snap Kits’. These make it easy to arrange windows in preset styles. This way, the apps can be automatically displayed side by side without the user having to worry about them or managing the size and location of the windows. They can just drag them side by side to group their icons into the taskbar.

Windows 11 will also allow you to create different desktop computers; One for work and one for private use, for example.

We also notice the integration of Chat, a messaging app launched a few months ago, in Windows 11. The latter is actually a lighter version of Teams and of course lets you easily reply to your messages and start a new conversation with a contact right from the chat icon.

Improved autonomy and performance

With the new update there will definitely be software improvements. With this new operating system, users can expect better performance through better management of memory and processor resources while prioritizing applications running in the foreground.

This will have a beneficial effect on the battery life of laptops, as better resource management will preserve the computer battery.

xCloud experience

Microsoft also wants to display its own gaming offerings, which is why the Xbox app will be automatically installed on their Windows 11 PCs. With this app, GamePass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play Xbox video games directly on their PC, without any worries, thanks For cross play and cross save.

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There’s also support for Auto HDR, which automatically turns on HDR on compatible screens, and Live Storage, which significantly reduces load times and makes games run faster.

Most of the new features introduced with Windows 11 have the same goal: to make Windows an ecosystem where it’s easy to browse. Panos Panay, head of Windows, said that the operating system should become a kind of “home” for users, where it is good to “live”.

That is why the changes in Windows 10 are – at first glance – not revolutionary. This is not intended to disrupt the habits of millions of Windows users.


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