December 4, 2022

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These are the main features

These are the main features

Many smartwatch manufacturers with health functions are focusing more on sports possibilities. Polar do it in reverse. This Finnish company is now launching the third edition of its Ignite series and that watch focuses entirely on user health as well as sports. These are the five focal points of Polar Ignite 3.

This is Polar Ignite 3

Polar is known for its high-end sports watches with extensive functionality for runners, among other things. With the Ignite series, the company has been focusing on an entirely different target group for a number of years. The target group consists not of hardcore athletes who train four times a week, but of recreational athletes who care about their well-being.

1. Better AMOLED screen without perforated bezel

What immediately stands out about the Polar Ignite 3 is its appearance. This theme instantly addresses some of the pain points of Ignite and Ignite 2. First of all, the so-called airless tire It disappeared at the bottom of the screen. on me this picture It’s easy to see what such a flat bezel does to the screen’s surface.

The LCD on the Ignite 1 and 2 was fine, but the 1.28-inch AMOLED screen on the Ignite 3 is a significant step forward. Polar promises a brighter, more colorful display even in bright sunlight. We also hope that the touchscreen will be more responsive than those on the old Ignites.

2. SleepWise and voice guidance

Polar has a proven track record when it comes to sleep tracking, and in Ignite 3, the manufacturer is going one step further. This watch has the new SleepWise function.

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SleepWise combines different data from your night’s sleep and pours it into cognitive wakefulness tips for the next day. Are you alert enough to run or should you do some breathing exercises? Each morning you get a detailed overview of your alertness level, so you better know exactly when you can do a strenuous activity or get some rest. SleepWise will also be coming to all Polar Flow users with watches that support Sleep Plus Stages later this year.

Voice guidance is the new voice guidance feature in Ignite 3. This gives you real-time feedback and important training data while training through connected headphones or speakers. Voice guidance only works when Polar Ignite 3 is connected to Polar Flow App on the smartphone.

Official Polar Ignite 3: These are the most important features

3. Dual band GPS

The dual-band GPS is a notable addition to the Ignite 3, which you prefer over more expensive sports watches, such as those from Polar’s Favorseries. Dual-band GPS uses the L1 and L5 frequencies to determine the location with greater accuracy, and is less susceptible to signal interference from tall buildings or bad weather.

4. Widgets

You can now also customize the widgets on the Polar Ignite 3 watch face. This is already possible on most sports watches, but the Ignite and Ignite 2 didn’t have the capability yet. Fortunately, Ignite 3 allows customization of tools.

5. Long battery life

Expect the new AMOLED display to require more battery life. According to Polar, the battery life is just as good as its predecessor: up to 5 days in watch mode with continuous heart rate measurement. The Polar Ignite 3 lasts up to 30 hours in training mode when GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring is turned on.

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Buy Polar Ignite 3

The Polar Ignite 3 is available in the colors Night Black, Purple Dusk, Greige Sand and Brown Copper at a suggested retail price of €329.90.

Official Polar Ignite 3: These are the most important features