December 9, 2022

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These are the most livable cities in 2022: Brussels makes a huge leap in the rankings |  Abroad

These are the most livable cities in 2022: Brussels makes a huge leap in the rankings | Abroad

Are you thinking of a big step this year? Then consider Vienna or Copenhagen. The annual ranking of the world’s most livable cities (GLI) was published today by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Brussels is also doing well, moving up 22 places. This puts our capital in 24th place.

The EIU ranked 173 cities around the world based on various factors, including healthcare, crime rates, political stability, infrastructure, and access to green spaces. The index included Brussels as the only Belgian city in the study.

Big Winners

Europe dominated the list, with six places in the top 11 (there was a tie for 10th). Switzerland was the only country in Europe to have two spots in the top ten, with Geneva in sixth and Zurich in third.

However, the ultimate winner was Canada. The North American country had three of its cities represented: Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. Brussels has also moved up 22 places compared to last year and is now 24th. Osaka was the only Asian city to reach the top 10 this year.

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big fall

Last year’s winner, Auckland in New Zealand, was knocked out of the top ten in 2022, surprisingly 34th. Neighboring Australia had the biggest loss in the standings this year. While Melbourne has topped the list in the past, it slipped to 10th place in 2022. In 2021, Australia dominated the EIU index, with Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ranking in the top 10 alongside Melbourne. This year they are in 27th, 30th and 32nd place respectively. According to the authors of the index, this relates to the severe lockdowns that have been implemented in the two countries.

While Europe did well in 2022, there are two notable absentees: London and Paris. The rising cost of living played a role in both cities, as did the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Ongoing global conflicts were the main factor in determining which countries came at the bottom of the list. Damascus, Lagos and Tripoli are ranked as the three least livable cities in the world. Kyiv was not analyzed this year due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

World Wellbeing Index 2022: Top 10

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

10 – Osaka, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia (tie).

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