September 27, 2023

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These are the nicknames of George, Charlotte and Louis

These are the nicknames of George, Charlotte and Louis

Names and nicknames of pets exist in every family. This also applies to the family of Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales. The couple has three young children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at home. But what titles do the future King and Queen of the United Kingdom give to their offspring?

From Lou Lou to Lottie and Archie: These are the titles of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Little Archie

Prince George in 2022.

It was reported that William and Catherine’s eldest son made a private statement in 2019 Shearing. Prince George encounters a dog while out walking with his sister Charlotte and grandmother Carole near the Middleton family home in Berkshire. The Little Prince immediately starts petting the dog, after which the dog’s owner decides to have a conversation with George.

“To be friendly, I asked George what his name was, even though I clearly knew it. To my surprise, he said ‘My name is Archie’ with a big smile on his face,” the woman says.

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Little Prince George playing with a dog.

That’s right, the five-year-old prince calls himself Archie! This was a few months before the birth of his nephew Archie, the eldest son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Could this be a coincidence? Or did little George already know the name of his future nephew’s baby? Anyway, it’s very strange.

Prince George is also known as “PG Tips”

George also gets a cute nickname from his classmates. In school it is also called ‘PG’. The letters “PG” stand for his name, “Prince George.” At Adelaide Cottage, they stick with the word ‘Tips’ for this, named after the British tea brand PG Tips.

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Princess Charlotte, or should we say “Lottie”?

Princess Charlotte also has her own titles within the family. Her mother, Catherine, gave the princess the name “Lotie”, derived from her name “Charlotte”. During a trip to Northern Ireland in 2019, Catherine named her daughter after this pet.

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The nickname Prince William previously gave his daughter is “Mignonette,” which translates in French to “cute.” At the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, William named his daughter this, among other things. During ‘The Big Help Out’, one of the celebrations surrounding King Charles’ coronation, William also named his daughter ‘Princess’ – a nickname many parents have given their daughters. Only in this case is the nickname really correct!

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Louis Le Pugh

The youngest member, Prince Louis, also got his sweet nickname from his mother. The Princess of Wales will name her son Lou Bug. This can be heard, for example, during “The Big Help Out” earlier this year. Little Louis was sitting there eating a toasted marshmallow when Catherine ordered him to throw his stick into the fire. “Throw it in the fire, Lou Bugs,” said his mother Katherine. You can see the sweet moment in the video below.

His older brother and sister, George and Charlotte, also have a nickname for their little brother. They called their brother Lu Lu from an early age.

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