September 30, 2023

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These are the nominees for "the smartest person"

These are the nominees for “the smartest person”

Today, Eric Van Looy presents the new season nominees for The smartest person in the world Before. There are 34 of them, including Acid and Niels Disstadsbadr.

You know him from the weekly updates of the Corona numbers: a virologist, a veterinarian, and a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior for the crisis center Stephen Van Gucht. Eric Van Lowe didn’t expect to get a “yes” from Van Gucht, “but it turns out Stephen was very happy to ask,” Van Lowe says.

Another well-known name that ran the beds available in intensive care during a pandemic: Intensive Geert Mevrodt (UZ Leuven).

These are the candidates for

From actress, comedian to performer harmony He is a mysterious candidate, according to Van Lowe, because he does not know her real name. That “makes it fun” seems to be. Wiam is an Instagram phenomenon with over 11,000 followers. On her account, she inspires people to live a life in which men are not central.

He was famous for his accent and for arguing with fellow YouTubers: souraka Nathan Vandergonst. Acid is one of the biggest Dutch speaking YouTuber in Belgium. Van Lowe replies: “I only hope I understand him, because I haven’t fully mastered his accent yet.”

These are the candidates for

There are quite a few film directors in the program. One of them is the director of Antwerp Anthony NettieWhich in addition to being nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Short Film category for his graduation project da yee. However, he was one of the ten contenders for the five nominations.

There are also surprising candidates from the Netherlands: Sunday with Lubach-Presenter Arjen Lubach and singer Merol Who is best known for the song “Keep Your Mouth Wyak Lee”.

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Watch the trailer for The smartest person in the world.

These are the 34 candidates:

• Arjen Lubach

• Ann Laurie Vandeput


• Alexander Hendricks

• Anthony Netti

• Cesar Cassier

• Dorian Levins

• Daphne Wellens

• Dina Wahdani

• Dorian Osimus

• Egbert Lashart

• Heidi de Pauw

• Eddie Blankart

• Esther Nawano

• Flo and Wendy

• Gloria Monseries

• Jan Verihen

• Geert Mevrudt

• Jean-Marc Mwema

• Lisbeth Embu

• Jeroen Percival

• Jaouad Alloul

• Marcelo Ballardin

• Joachim Keynes

• Classy Major

• Laura Tesoro

• Nils Destadsbadr

• Tom Vermeer

• Merol

• Sarah Mouhamou

• Tine Embrechts

• Sandra Bakary

• Stephen Van Gucht

• harmony