January 28, 2023

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These are the worst movies of the year, according to our readers

We saw Strong movies This year passes, but there were at least as many failures. Here are some of the worst movies to hit the big (or small) screen in 2022, according to readers.

morning readers

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: ‘Boseman deserved better than this, much better’

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022).Pictures, pictures, news

Rarely is the death of an (otherwise wonderful) actor so completely taken away that it hurts the eyes (and the other limbs). This is no homage, but just another lazy attempt to capitalize on the franchise’s popularity. Bosman deserved better than this, much better.”

Levy (37) from Antwerp.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It can be seen in cinemas, and later on Disney +.

The School of Good and Evil: “No button can save this fiasco”

The School of Good and Evil (2022).  Image Helen Sloan / Netflix © 2022

The School of Good and Evil (2022).Image Helen Sloan / Netflix © 2022

“I thought I felt a nice vibe in the trailer, a sort of ‘Harry Potter’ story. A movie I could dream about a bygone era of fantasy. But nothing could be further from the truth.”

The acting was subpar in the first place; what are Charlize Theron and Laurence Fishburne doing there? The story is thinner than that of a house elf in “Harry Potter” and it’s also heavily inspired by the twisted world of JK Rowling. (Author of the series “Harry Potter” KL), But it didn’t do it any justice.

“I’ve seen the remote control in hand and fast-forwarded a few times hoping for a still-slick plot, but no button can save that flop.”

Evelyn (38) from Sint-Niklaas.

The School of Good and Evil Can be seen on Netflix.

The Barbarian and the Triangle of Sorrow: “Start with Promises, Then Fail Absolutely”

Barbara (2022).  Pictures, pictures, news

Barbara (2022).Pictures, pictures, news

I didn’t like the constant flow of plot twists. Still, the movie starts out fine as a classic horror story and feels just as good in the sequel. Barbara Still interesting and surprising. But the third part is so silly and jerky that I had a hard time sitting through the movie.

“I had the same feeling about the winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes this year, by the way. Sadness triangle. The beginning of the movie is the best I’ve seen from director Ruben Ostlondal. The second act, on the ship, was toe netting but okay. But the last part is where the movie fails for me. Unfortunately, it cannot be seen. Eclectic films with a story that goes in all directions seems like a fad, but it’s not for me.”

Joeri (49) from Lummen.

Barbara It can be seen on Disney+. Sadness triangle They can be seen in the cinema.

The Little Things: “One Star Is Still Too Many”

Little Things (2021).  A.P.'s photo

Little Things (2021).A.P.’s photo

A movie that came out last year but is now on Netflix, with a great cast like Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto. There was a movie I’d totally forgotten about, until I looked at my slate for this reader’s appeal. Thin story and frustratingly bad plot, just To get angry. Although the stars are well equipped, it is completely avoidable, one star out of five is still too much.”

Levi (31) from Jet.

little things It can be seen on Netflix and to rent/purchase on Apple TV.

Northman: “After 15 minutes we really felt like leaving”

Northman (2022).  picture /

Northman (2022).picture /

This was, for me and my partner, the worst movie of the year, across the board. Focus on The Dragon gave the movie four stars out of five. (just like De Morgen, KL)and in general our tastes are in the same line, but this time we felt like leaving the place after fifteen minutes.

Bernadette (56 years old) from Ostend.

Northman It can no longer be seen in the cinema.

Jurassic World Dominion: ‘Without a doubt, the worst movie of the year’

Jurassic World Dominion (2022).  A.P.'s photo

Jurassic World Dominion (2022).A.P.’s photo

By far the worst movie I’ve bought a movie ticket of the year. What a poor story. Actually, we’re after Jurassic World Dominion There is still more progress in the story of dinosaurs in our environment. And the old cast returning and the plethora of nods to the original film don’t help either. So much potential, do nothing with it. This is without a doubt the winner of Worst Movie of 2022.”

Frank (54) from Oudegem.

Jurassic World Dominion It can no longer be seen in the cinema.

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