October 7, 2022

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Deze crypto koersen presteerden deze week 't sterkst

These cryptocurrency prices were the strongest this week » Crypto Insiders

From Cryptocurrency The market saw more red-skinned prices last week, but there were Altcoins Some big outliers. Slowly the fear seems to be receding a bit, and the market sentiment is a bit more rising to become and speak Many analysts about a possible trend reversal. At the moment, the total market capitalization is around $2.3 trillion.

Ethereum fluctuates with Bitcoin

Ethereum (ETH) It was able to hold above $4,000 during each dip in late November. However, that is no longer the case this week. The price of Ether has been in a downtrend this week along with Bitcoin and has dropped several times below $4,000.

ETH price just dropped to $3,700 on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it also made huge gains each time. bounce, bounce Support. On Thursday, Ether appeared to recover briefly towards $4,100, but the price fell all the way to $3,700 on Friday.

Then Ether made another big bounce there and it seemed to be recovering to $4,000 yesterday. However, this support level has now turned into resistance. Ether was rejected and fell to $3900. However, ether jumped again last night along with bitcoin, breaking through $4,000 and briefly touching $4,040. However, the ether corrected again this morning to $3900.

Solana, Avalanche, and Terra the hardest top 10

Despite this, three prices in the top 10 cryptocurrencies rose sharply this week. Solana (SOL) has also been in a downtrend since November but appears to bottom around $150 on Tuesday. Since then, SOL has risen to $183, an increase of 22%.

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The avalanche (Avacas) also began to rise sharply on Tuesday. AVAX fell to $77 on Tuesday and comes in at $110 this morning, a stunning 43% increase. The avalanche even threw Polkadot (DOT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Then we have Tera (Luna) which is up sharply since Thursday. Terra then dropped to $38 but hit $74 this morning. This represents an increase of approximately 95% in a few days. LUNA even surpassed AVAX by market capitalization this morning.

The Hardest Rise and Fall in the Top 100 Cryptocurrency List

Then we find more ups and downs in the top 100. Holo (HOLO), loop (LRC), tron ​​(TRX), Internet computer (ICP), and GALA (GALA) all decreased 12%-17% compared to the week the past. Bittorrent (BTT) and Near (NEAR) are all close to 25% in minus.

In contrast, ecomi (OMI), okb (OKB), hedera (HBAR) and Spell token (SPELL) are all up nearly 20% compared to last week. Harmony (ONE) Convex (CVX) Financing up to 24% and Weaves up to 30%. Yearn Finance (YFI) enters the top 100 again this morning and is up 75% since Wednesday.