June 9, 2023

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These Health Insurance Funds Even Reimburse Your Prescription Sunglasses | MyGuide

Spaargids.beDo you need eyeglasses or contact lenses as an adult? Then do not forget to contact your health insurance fund, because it will reimburse part of your purchases. Sometimes even when it comes to sunglasses. Spaargids.be Provides an overview of current fees.

You may be reimbursed for part of the costs of your spectacle frame, spectacle lenses and contact lenses through your statutory health insurance. But don’t worry if it turns out that’s not the case, because health insurance companies also contribute to your costs to get a clearer view.

What is the best mutual insurance company for your needs? Here you can compare the terms and contributions of members of different health insurance funds.


At Helan you will be reimbursed €30 per year from the age of 19 for prescription lenses and spectacle lenses or a frame (one of these, without a formula). The same goes for sunglasses with prescription lenses. The condition is that your health insurance does not reimburse you for anything. You must purchase these glasses or contact lenses in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany or Luxembourg.

You may have purchased lenses online in those countries. As a Helan customer, you also enjoy a 15% discount on the purchase of glasses or contact lenses at many optometrists, except for some exceptional glasses or contact lenses.

Liberal health insurance funds

Are you a member of LM Mutplus.be, LM East Flanders or LM Plus? Then your health insurance fund will reimburse you up to a maximum of 50 euros per year for the purchase of spectacle frames, spectacle lenses and prescription lenses. It may also be a combination of these things. You receive this intervention in addition to reimbursement through your health insurance.

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You can buy lenses in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg and online, but then from a recognized optometrist or from an ophthalmologist. Special: Liberal health insurance funds also compensate for night lenses.

From your organs’ contribution to fitness to a preventive heart check-up: You can also expect these interventions from health insurance companies.

Neutral Sickness Funds

Neutraal Ziekenfonds Vlaanderen will reimburse you €50 if your spectacle frame, eyeglasses and contact lenses are not reimbursed through your statutory health insurance. You must be able to present a properly recorded invoice from a recognized optometrist.

Vlaams & Neutraal Ziekenfonds also reimburses a portion of the prescription glasses and contact lenses (different from zero) that you purchase over the course of a year: up to 50 euros per calendar year per person without a prescription. Every four years, Vlaams & Neutraal Ziekenfonds can pay up to €100, but for that they need a prescription from an ophthalmologist. The condition is that your health insurance does not reimburse you for anything.


Solidaris compensates you up to 25 EUR per calendar year for glasses and/or contact lenses. It must be of non-zero strength or its purpose is to correct erroneous cylindrical deflection. Lens accessories purchased at the same time are also eligible.

You can also enjoy a 50 percent discount on glasses at various optometrists, as well as a 50 percent discount on an annual package of lenses (which can be combined with accessories purchased at the same time), each time limited to 50 euros per calendar year. Your new sunglasses also qualify for this.

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Finally, Solidaris Brabant reimburses you up to €60 if you buy glasses (frame and lenses) or contact lenses from a RIZIV-recognized optometrist. You get this intervention only once every ten years of life.

Quit Smoking? Thanks to these benefits from health insurance funds, you are not alone.

Christian exchange

Do you buy lenses, eyeglass frames, or eyeglass lenses (or a combination thereof)? Then the CM pays you up to €40 per calendar year, if you are of age. The condition is that you don’t get any compensation for it through your health insurance. And that it’s not about glasses or lenses without power. In addition, RIZIV should get to know your ophthalmologist, optometrist, ophthalmologist or pharmacist from whom you buy your glasses or lenses. The health insurance fund does not step in for repairs.

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