July 24, 2024

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These items are often taken from hotel rooms by guests

These items are often taken from hotel rooms by guests

No doubt you do too when you stay in a hotel. Put shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothbrush, shoe polish and slippers in your bag and take them home. But do you know what the people of Spain take with them most? The Kayak website conducted a survey of popular facilities (artículos de cortesía).

Hotels provide their guests with items called amenities that they can use during their stay. Some are free and guests can take them home, but others are not. In the first case, this includes gel and shampoo bottles, personal hygiene items and slippers. In the second case, this concerns, for example, towels, bathrobes, coffee capsules, remote control batteries and other items that are not allowed to be taken with you.

According to a study by Kayak, more than half of Spanish travelers say they have taken items home with them at least once (67%). About half of those surveyed admitted to taking items from their accommodation, such as shampoo and conditioner bottles (47%) or slippers (19%).

However, there are some items that are provided in the hotel room for the enjoyment of the guests but must be left in the hotel room as it belongs to the hotel. Nearly two in ten (17%) of guests brought towels and about 6% admitted to bringing glasses. On the other hand, only a few admit to taking cutlery and hangers (5%), decorative items (4%) or even remote control batteries (3%).

The ten most popular items that Spanish tourists take home after their hotel stay are: shampoo or conditioner (47%), slippers (19%), towels (17%), personal hygiene items (15%), coffee capsules (9%) . Bathrobes (7%), mugs (6%), clothes hangers (5%), tableware (5%), and decorative items (4%).

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Bringing hotel items like shampoo or shower gel is often an opportunity to extend the vacation feel. It can also help reduce unnecessary waste, as these leftover items are often thrown away for hygiene reasons.

This is a ranking of the 10 countries with the percentage of travelers who take the most items from a hotel. This list is topped by the United States (75%), followed by Australia (73%), Canada (70%), Spain (67%), the United Kingdom (67%), France (67%), and Sweden (65%). %), Austria (62%), Denmark (60%), Germany (56%).