February 2, 2023

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These nominees advance to the live performances of "The Voice van Vlaanderen"

These nominees advance to the live performances of “The Voice van Vlaanderen”

The last duet was sung and the options were made. Fourteen candidates have already managed to take a place in the live performances of Voice of Flanders. Coach Laura Tesoro has one spot on her team. Q-music listeners can vote for the final ticket on Monday morning.

Fourteen candidates will definitely go to the live performances of Voice of Flanders. Each team consists of three candidates. They will face the teams of Natalia, Quinn Otters, Jan Paternoster and Mathieu Therrien for the main trophy.

Natalia’s team consists of 19-year-old Robin from Geraardsbergen, 24-year-old Louise from Affligem and 19-year-old Julot from Herenthout.

Natalia team © VTM

The Queen Waters team consists of 38-year-old Johan from Leopoldsburg, 21-year-old Rozanne from Slice and 21-year-old Louise from Claisbergen.

Quinn team © VTM

Jan Paternoster’s team consists of 16-year-old Marilou from Schorisse, 19-year-old Wesley from Stavele and 18-year-old Ilaria from Ghent.

Jan team © VTM

Mathieu Therrien’s team consists of 21-year-old Kat from Bornem, 28-year-old Evert from Kalmthout, and 18-year-old Winty from Irembodeghem.

Mateo team © VTM

Fifth head coach Laura Tesoro also made the team. At each stage, she would select candidates who were not selected by other coaches. They got a unique second chance at “The Voice Comeback Stage” on VTM GO. Her team now consists of two members: 23-year-old Néhémie from Geraardsbergen and 24-year-old Ashley from Diepenbeek. There is also a third filter. And Q-music listeners can check it out on Monday, November 28th on the morning show between 6 and 9 a.m. The three remaining favorites Tessa (22) from Will, Jordy (25) from Utrecht and Sonny (37) from Kenroy will take their Blind Audition again.

Laura team © VTM


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