December 5, 2023

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These three countries outperform all other countries in Europe in their infection rates |  Corona virus what you need to know

These three countries outperform all other countries in Europe in their infection rates | Corona virus what you need to know

Three European countries are currently breaking all records in terms of new infections with the Corona virus. This is evidenced by the latest numbers from Our World in Data. Denmark, Ireland and Cyprus tower much higher than all other European countries.

Denmark is currently the largest epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe. The country has been topping the rankings since mid-December with an average number of new confirmed cases per million inhabitants per day. As a result of the early development of the omikron variant and an extensive testing policy.

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The day before yesterday, 21,403 new infections were reported. These are the most recent numbers available. Just a day ago they were higher during this pandemic. Then they scored at 23.228. By comparison: the peak of the fourth wave (with a delta variant) in our country has reached more than 25,000 confirmed infections, and the population of our country is twice the population of Denmark.

However, preliminary data shows that Danes with omicron infections end up in hospital less often than delta infections, a trend also seen in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Wednesday in brief.

According to the Statens Serum Institute, yesterday there were 665 patients in hospital (a decrease of 10 in 24 hours), of which 75 were admitted to intensive care (2 decrease in 24 hours).

Denmark is one of the best countries for vaccination in Europe and one of the best equipped countries for variant sequencing. It dropped its latest restrictive measures in mid-September, but was tightened again in early December due to an increase in the number of coronavirus cases. The Christmas holidays were introduced, among other things, and restaurants and cafes had to close at midnight.


Ireland also saw a sharp rise in its infection numbers for two weeks as a result of the variable omicron rise. And there, too, the new variant is now dominant (92 percent). Where there was a fairly stable infection rate of about 5,000 new confirmed cases per day at the beginning of December, that number has now risen to an unprecedented 20,554 cases the day before yesterday (out of 5 million people). This is more than double the highs of the previous waves.

Health Secretary Stephen Donnelly has now restricted PCR testing to anyone over 40 or under three who shows symptoms because testing policies have not been able to follow. Others must use a quarantine and antigen test. Only if the last result is positive can they also get a PCR test.

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While Ireland is among the top countries for vaccination and booster, Donnelly says he is excited about the impact the new wave will have on healthcare. The Irish government previously imposed restrictions on the opening hours of closed bars, restaurants and nightclubs, but it has not imposed official restrictions on shops, except for the obligation to wear masks. Ireland’s health chief Tony Holohan urged people in his country the day after Christmas to limit their contacts and avoid crowded places such as shops for the time being.


The third country in the group of European countries most affected is Cyprus. Yesterday, 5,048 new confirmed cases (out of a population of 1.2 million) were reported. On Thursday, there were still 3,851 and about 2,000 at the start of the week. Here too, the culprit is the omicron variable.


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This week, the government in Cyprus extended its commitment to work from home and called on all residents to be tested for coronavirus infection at least once a week.

In Cyprus, the first case of the omikron variant was recorded on December 10. Cyprus is also one of the leaders when it comes to vaccination. The reinforcement has been going on since September.


The leading group in Denmark, Ireland and Cyprus closely follows a second group of five countries with high infection rates: the United Kingdom, Malta, France, Iceland and Greece. Then Spain, Portugal and Switzerland follow. Belgium is now in the middle of the standings.

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