September 21, 2023

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“These two clubs in JPL are asking for Praet.”

“These two clubs in JPL are asking for Praet.”

Unlike previous years, a few (former) Red Devils returned to Belgium this summer. Will this change in the late hours of the Mercato?

last hour Reports already suggest that both Antwerp and Club Brugge have dropped a line on Dennis Praet. The 29-year-old midfielder appears to be heading towards a move away from Leicester City, where he ended up sidelined last season and, to make matters worse, also relegated.

Hot price

Although his contract expires next summer, there is still a hefty price tag to sign Praet. According to the newspaper, Leicester City needs at least 10 million euros to include the 15-time international player, an amount that some candidates did not want to put on the table.

Therefore Blauw-Zwart withdrew earlier and appears to have left the scene permanently. On the other hand, the city of Antwerp recently made inquiries, but also ended up getting a zero on the complaint. Who knows, the great old man will make another final attempt to capture Bright after all.

Stay in Leicester

However, for now, it appears that former Godin coach, who has also made a living at Sampdoria and Torino after Anderlecht, will simply remain in his position to help force promotion. After starting the season as the defending champions, Praet is currently in the rags.